Axl Rose and Italian Wine

           I’m not a very opinionated person.  Now, I’m sure that anyone who has read my blog, or spent any time with me, or lived in my house just choked on their coffee or snorted when they read that statement.  Really, compared to others, I think I’m on the apathetic side of things. 

            There are just so many things that I don’t care about.  I am not a fan of any sporting event or team.  I honestly don’t care about politics. I don’t want to hear about which neighbor dislikes which neighbor. So, for the longest time, I thought that maybe I didn’t care about anything, which was kind of frightening and led me to take many online mental health quizzes.  Lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are only a few things that I have a strong opinion about.  Here they are in the order of importance, or when they happen to pop in my head.

            Axl Rose has the most “real” voice in rock music.  When I listen to him, I can feel that poor southern Indiana upbringing.  Axl brings pain to his vocals, real breath-taking, beautiful pain.  Yes, I understand that he abused his girlfriend, kept fans waiting for hours, caused a riot, and was/is an overall asshole.  I don’t care about any of that.  The man can sing, and he should keep singing.

            Overall, I think men should sing rock music.  I mean, Heart is ok, and Bonnie Tyler and Stevie Nicks have strong voices; but, for the most part, male voices work best with driving guitar rhythms. I am a woman, but female voices have never really motivated me or impressed me.  James Hetfield and Steven Tyler are my second and third favorite singers.  They also bring real emotion to their music, but not on Axl’s level.

            Wine should be from Italy.  In my ever so humble opinion, this goes for food, too.  I grew up with an Italian step-dad, and he introduced me to Northern Italian food.  Before he came into my life, I thought that Italian food translated to “throw a bunch of tomato sauce and cheese on it.”  The food and wine that I enjoy most always happens to come from Italy.

            Cats are loving, beautiful creatures.  If one more person tells me, “I don’t like cats,” I will smack the living crap out of them.  “Cats are not friendly,” they tell me.  Really?  I’ve never had an unfriendly cat.  In fact, Boo Boo is laying her head on my laptop now as I am typing this.  My cats are on my lap whenever I sit down.  They also do not sniff anyone’s crotch or leave their poop uncovered. 

            Coffee should be hot.  Cold coffee drinks make me want to vomit.  Coffee is a robust beverage that needs heat to make it taste, well, normal.  Cold coffee used to be considered to be a bad thing; now it’s a fancy thing.  It makes me want to hurl.

            Soup should be brothy, not creamy.  Whenever I go out to eat, I notice that real soup is often missing from the menu.  There’s an abundance of beer cheese bullshit, but very few vegetable or chicken noodle options. This is why ‘Mericans are so overweight.  Cheese has more calories than vegetable broth. When soup is thicker than mashed potatoes, it’s not soup anymore.

            People should not wear pajamas in public or jeans to formal events. Jeans were created for farmers, not cocktail parties.  People look really stupid wearing jeans and blazers, at the same time. The 80’s called, Marty McFly wants his outfit back.  Yes, he wants the tie and the sneakers, too.  People who wear pajamas in public need to lay off of the beer cheese soup so they can fit into their regular pants.

            OK. That’s about it. Other than that, I don’t really care.  Vote for whomever you want. Go to whichever church you want. Worship a burrito at Taco Bell for all I care.  Like I said, I’m just not an opinionated person

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