Olympic Eyerolling

My husband just told me that the Olympics will finally end today.  I kissed him.  After all, sometimes the messenger should get some of the credit.  After weeks of having to watch CBS This Morning instead of the Today Show, I am ready to watch Matt Lauer again without having to listen to endless “news” about this glorified dog and pony show. 

 Yes, I know I could be shot for being honest about my feelings about the Olympics.  The normal ‘Merican thing to do is to wave the flag and shout, “Go USA!! WOOOOOOO!”  I’m not a normal ‘Merican, so I’m going to openly announce my disdain for the Olympics.

 I see the Olympics as a huge waste of time, money, and energy.  This is the same way I see professional sporting events of all kinds.  No, I’m not just upset that the Today Show has been taken over by endless Olympic drivel.  There’s a bigger picture here, as big as the entire world.

 Olympic athletes spend years training to become the best in their specific sports, and they are the best.  They are strong, disciplined, and fast.  I am impressed with their physical abilities and their determination.  At the same time, I see that ability as being wasted. 

 Imagine what could happen if they took all of that strength and actually did things to help others, rather than earn pretty medals.  So, instead of competing in the Olympics, maybe all of these super strong, talented people could build roads in Rwanda, or help to dig wells in areas without water.  Seriously, there are people in the world who are lacking food and clean water, and we are funneling time, energy, and a huge amount of cash to a show.  That is what it is, a big show.

 Another reason that I don’t care for the Olympics is that it promotes nationalism.   Everyone is rooting for his or her own country, instead of rooting for the whole world.  We are so focused on how many gold medals “our team” has that we forget that we are all in this together, or at least we should be. 

 So, I am not going to miss the Olympics, not one little bit.  I will now prepare myself for the only thing that irritates me more than the Olympics — football season. 

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