Sitting on a Fence

Ah, here it is, election season again.  I live in Ohio, so there is an ENDLESS barrage of commercials “approved” by the major candidates.  Honestly, every time I hear one starting, I want to bang my head against the kitchen table until I pass out. 

 I don’t fit in, politically, or socially, really.  We will focus on politically today and deal with my personality disorder later.  : )  Basically, I believe different things, depending on what the issue is.  If it’s a social issue, I am very liberal, but if it is a criminal issue, I’m likely to be more conservative.  So, I can’t really say that I fit in with any political party.  I may need to start my own. 

 Basically, I believe that everyone should have healthcare, no matter what.  No one should die because they don’t have money.  There are many countries that have successful healthcare plans.  We should really think about doing the same.

 I also believe that people should try their best to find a job.  Trying your best means having a resume, dressing appropriately for interviews, and getting out there and actually trying every day.  Some people think trying is the same thing as sitting around and whining that they don’t have a job.  It’s not.

 Religion should not be a part of any law, even when it’s not specifically stated.  So, Blue Laws need to go.  People should be able to buy anything on Sunday that they can buy any other day of the week.  Stores should be opened the same hours on Sunday as they are on all other days.  It should not be assumed that Sunday, or any day, is everyone’s holy day.

 Everyone needs to pay the same PERCENTAGE when it comes to taxes.  There is no reason to give wealthy people tax breaks.  It has not trickled down yet, and it won’t in the future. 

 People should be able to marry any other consenting adult.  Love and marriage are personal, not public.  No one other than the happy couple needs to be concerned with their marriage. Honestly, I’m so confused as to why this is even an issue, but I suspect that it relates to religion. 

 Child molesters, rapists, and murderers should never be released from prison. Yes, there are special cases where DNA evidence proves that someone is really innocent.  That is different.  I’m talking about the vast majority of prisoners who really belong in prison.  They need to stay there. They will not simply decide to be good, honest people just because they served time.  They will likely get out and hurt people again.  This is pointless.  Keep them locked up.

 And as Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that.  The coffee hasn’t quite kicked in, so I may have more to add later.  Basically, I think that people should have the opportunity to be healthy and safe.  I also think that people should try their best to self-sufficient.  Is there a candidate for that?   

7 thoughts on “Sitting on a Fence

  1. Great post! I recently changed my voter registration to “unaffiliated,” and can identify with the idea that no party is a good fit. Yesterday Garry Shandling tweeted this: “Whoever said voting is a privilege must be long-dead by now. Legalized torture is what it is. I vote for the first person who shuts up.” 😉

  2. The commercials that flood the television don’t give us an accurate account of what that party is going to do for us. It’s nothing but burning that persons name into our minds. While at the same time trashing their opponent. I enjoyed reading this. It’s good to know more people feel the same way I do on these issues,

  3. Chris (above) gave me the following description of your blog… “You’re gonna like her.” He was right. I agree with everything on this list and don’t understand why there seems to be no freakin’ common sense in politics. They just make it soooo much harder than it has to be!

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