I AM a cat.


I’ve been called a crazy cat lady for most of my adult life.  I only have three cats, the most I have ever had, but I will argue to the death over things cat related. For example,  I hate when people leave their cats outside.  There are just too many ways that they can be hurt or killed.  People offer excuses like, “He wants to go outside.”  I reply with things like “My son wants to hang out with large busted blonde women, but I don’t drop him off at the strip club with a wad of ones.”

So, the more I learn about cats, the more I realize that I am not a crazy cat lady.  Instead, I AM a cat.  Seriously, I have oodles in common with cats, like:

  • I like to keep my fur (hair) just so.
  • I enjoy a good sunny spot.
  • I loathe loud noises and hyper children.
  • The doorbell frightens me.
  • I’m not the biggest fan of other cats (people).
  • I claim pieces of furniture.
  • I like to eat several times during the day.
  • I like to sit and stare at others.
  • I see little reason for leaving the house on most days.
  • I don’t like water for recreational purposes.
  • I think dogs are loud and annoying.
  • I like to cuddle with my special people.
  • I have very few special people.
  • I am an excellent judge of character and am usually “right” when I say someone is a bad seed.  Count on it.
  • Traveling makes me nervous and requires medication.

2 thoughts on “I AM a cat.

  1. I AM a Dog.

    – I get itchy when my hair is unmanaged.
    – I prefer to view the sun from a nice, shady spot.
    – I am uncomfortable in quiet; I like to play.
    – The doorbell makes me excited – who is coming to play with me?
    – I like other dogs after I’ve taken a good sniff of their foulest parts and determined they are not a threat.
    – ALL of the furniture is mine.
    – I like big, sloppy meals.
    – I like to bark and make people nervous.
    – I love the water and would love to chase ducks around a pond for fun.
    – I think cats make my eyes water.
    – I like to cuddle with my special people.
    – I have lots of special people.
    – I generally think all people are OK, until I get kicked, then I become defensive.
    – Traveling makes me roll the windows down and wag my tongue in the wind.

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