Answer your email, and don’t call me!

Lately people, mainly businesses, have been irritating me with their total lack of communication knowledge.  Salon/spas seem to be the worst as I have had two experiences with two different salons in different states that just screamed, “We live in the Stone Age.” So, being someone who has worked entirely online since 2005, I figure I should clue everyone in on how humans communicate now.

Rules for communication in the 21st Century:

  1. Answer your email. If I ignored someone for 3 days, or more, I’d be fired.
  2. Reply to the person in the same mode of communication.  If someone texts you, text back.  If someone emails you, use that handy dandy reply button.  Do not call someone in response to an email or text.
  3. Phones are not for phoning anymore.  I’m sure the telephone was a huge deal in Alexander Graham Bell’s time.  Now, it is just annoying.  It is a device used by telemarketers and people who have not mastered Facebook, email, or texting.  I can’t think of a time when the phone has not been an intrusion.  It’s loud and demanding. You can hear everyone’s background noise on it, too.  If I want to hear Darth Vader breathing, I will watch Star Wars.
  4. There is no need to order or pay for anything over the phone.  (I’m talking to you, St. Louis spa!) If you own a business and your web site is not set up to accept payments, open a Pay Pal account.  If you own a business and have no idea what I am talking about you need to be drop kicked into the new millennium.
  5. For the love of all that is holy, DO NOT just show up at someone’s house.  Dropping by was rude in the 80’s, I’m pretty sure it’s punishable by death now.  If I’m not expecting you, I won’t answer the door.  So, there’s one reason to text first.  Don’t call.  Text.

That list ended up being a lot shorter than I thought.  It’s short and sweet, and it should be easy to remember.  If not, we can break into virtual groups and chat about them in a text only environment.

4 thoughts on “Answer your email, and don’t call me!

  1. Someone needed to say it!!! THANK YOU for doing this so well!!! Being somewhat of an archeological artifact myself, I know a couple of Luddites I would LOVE to share this with… full credit to you of course, but I won’t unless you tell me its okay. The rest of you… READ THIS!!

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