Stop Eating Sand!

I’ve been pseudo gluten-free for a few years now.  By pseudo gluten-free, I mean that I sometimes just go ahead and eat gluten-containing foods, like REAL cookies, and just suffer from the inevitable stabbing stomach pain that will remind me why I shouldn’t eat gluten.  Yes, I know that it is crazy.  I don’t eat gluten because I like pain. I eat it because it’s really hard to find good gluten-free cookies that didn’t taste like sand. (As a Florida native, I tasted a lot of sand as a child at the beach.)  At least, it USED to be hard.

I have finally figured out how to make gluten-free cookies that do not remind me of crunching a bit of Hollywood Beach

Yummy, non-sandy, zebra cookies
Yummy, non-sandy, zebra cookies

between my teeth.  My cousin, Mary, brought me some super gluten-free flour when she visited us from Chicago last weekend. Since she packed four Ziploc Baggies full of it in her suitcase, we were surprised she didn’t get accused of trafficking cocaine.  Everyone knows that all drug dealers package their products in Ziploc bags.  Airport security did not even take a second look. Now that we know how easy would be to traffic cocaine and make it look like flour, we know how we will make our millions. Just kidding, TSA.

The best GF flour I have ever used.
The best GF flour I have ever used.

Mary, who is really my husband’s cousin, but I have stolen her, is co-owner of a wholesale food brokerage,  She didn’t just randomly bring me flour.  I told Mary of my struggles with sand cookies.  So, she wanted me to try Smart Flour and give her my honest opinion.  Since, I wanted to include pretty pictures with my opinions, I’ve decided to write a product review blog. No Missy, I’m not moving in on your territory. You are the Queen of all things product review, as witnessed by this award-winning blog,  I will continue to write random blogs about whatever I feel like writing about from this point on.

So, yesterday, I decided to make what I call “zebra cookies.” I followed the recipe on the back of Nestlé’s white chocolate chips (White Chip Island Cookies), sort of. I substituted Smart Flour for regular wheat flour, adding a small bit of xanthan gum as the folks at Smart Flour recommend.  I left out the macadamia nuts because quite honestly I hate macadamia nuts.  I also left out the coconut because no one in my house is a fan of coconut.  Instead, I put in Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips.  Voila – zebra cookies.

My son did not want me to take a picture of him actually licking the beater.
My son did not want me to take a picture of him actually licking the beater.

They were awesome.  Don’t just take my word for it.  My husband and sixteen year-old son loved them, too.  My son ate the dough off of the beater, and claimed that it tasted just like normal cookie dough. Yes, I let my child eat raw cookie dough; I eat it too. My husband thinks we are both nuts. I’m not going to tell you that we’ve never been sick from it because if I did I would instantly be jinxed and get sick. I know how the universe works.

Everyone loved the finished cookies, including my son’s friend.  He said they tasted good but were a bit crunchy.  I think I can change this by lowering the oven temperature and baking time.  My husband, son, and his friend agreed with me that there was a total lack of sand in these cookies.  Any time I have tried to make gluten-free cookies in the past, including when I used a very popular mix, cough cough Betty Crocker, they have tasted like sand.

Watch out, IHOP!
Watch out, IHOP!

Since the cookies were awesome, I used the Smart Flour pancake mix this morning.  The pancakes were fluffy and delicious.  They rivaled anything at IHOP. So, if you are looking for good gluten free flour and mixes, you may want to give Smart Flour a try, unless, of course, you like to eat sand. Then, there may be a show on TLC that could showcase your talents.

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