Did Bill Gates write Jobs?

IMG_1424Bill Gates once called Steve Jobs “fundamentally odd and weirdly flawed as a human being.”  As the proud owner of an iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro, I would like to commend Steve Jobs for not calling Bill Gates a goober-chucking 6th grader.  Anyone who knew Steve Jobs personally or who read his 900-page memoir (raises hand) would not doubt that he was odd; however, there was more to Steve Jobs than his unusual personality.  Unfortunately, this is most of what we see in the film Jobs.

My husband and I had high hopes when we bought our tickets and our bucket of soda to share. We both ended up being a little disappointed.  It was like watching a movie about a cardboard cutout, not a real person.  There were plenty of scenes about Jobs’ negative side, and little to nothing about his other side, including his relationship with his family.  Steve’s sisters, adoptive sister, Patricia and biological sister, Mona, were not even mentioned.  Daughter Lisa was mentioned as Jobs tried to deny paternity, but not shown as having a relationship with her father until she was in college.  Even then, her character is only given one scene and maybe two sentences.

I get that Jobs was good-looking (though Ashton Kutcher was almost too handsome for this role) and charismatic, but a touch whackadoo. Yes, that’s a professional term.  I’m pretty sure it’s in the DSM-IV.  You have to be a bit weird to start a computer company named after a fruit at a time when most people had not heard of cable TV, let alone computers.  Steve Jobs’ oddness was not all that there was.  While we did see glimpses of that visionary, and by visionary I mean that person who told Steve Wozniak what to build, we did not see a real human being.  We didn’t get to see him meet his wife, much less fall in love and get married.  She was just there, out of nowhere. We didn’t get to see him be a father to Lisa or his younger children.  I understand the creators of Jobs maybe wanted to focus on the Apple side of Steve, but in doing so, they left out a lot of, well, Steve.

Even Steve Wozniak wasn’t a fan of the film, which made him look great, in my humble opinion.  Wozniak mentions that Kutcher’s interpretation of Jobs was “off.” I wonder if he was talking about that Forrest Gump/Herman Muenster walk Kutcher was doing throughout the film.  It was distracting, at least for me.  I almost wanted to Google “Steve Jobs and Polio” while I was in the theater, but this would have been frowned upon.

We all die some day.  When that happens we have to rely on others to keep us alive with their memories and stories.  When I am in the all you can eat peanut butter cup buffet in the sky, I can only hope that people talk a little more about the woman who loved her family and animals (cats a little more than dogs), and wrote, and made people laugh than the woman who yelled and slammed doors when she was angry.  Anyone who has ever listened to Ebony and Ivory knows that there is good and bad in everyone.

Update: So, I posted my blog on a movie review site and they are putting it on IMDB. Here is it on their site, with the comment. http://www.moviequotesandmore.com/jobs-2013-movie-review.html#comments


4 thoughts on “Did Bill Gates write Jobs?

  1. I totally agree with your opinion. From what I read about him, he did not
    appear to be a “person”, but, rather appeared to be a robot, and not a
    well built one, at that. I think he was born a couple months shy of nine
    months. Therefore, he was not “fully” developed !! He did not have the
    loving and caring side of his brain in tact…… His family, I’m sure,
    suffered in silence….

  2. While biopics are necessarily hyper-focused on one aspect of a person’s life, I have to agree that there has to be some sort of focus on the family– er, no, not that phrase. Sorry. Ew. Focus on the overlap between the “business personality” and the “public personality” and even the “personal personality.” (There. That’s better.) Even if a biopic has to leave stuff out, there has to be some sort of balance, right?

    Also, you have just given me a pregnancy craving for peanut butter cups.

    1. I’m sorry about adding to the craving list. I have always had a “thing” for peanut butter cups, except when I was pregnant. Then, I just wanted eggs, cheeseburgers, milk shakes and oranges, but not at the same time. : )

      Exactly. Everyone has different selves. If I acted like “home Lisa” at work, I might just get fired.

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