The Public Hermit

A Public Hermit
A Public Hermit

I have worked from home for the past eight years, and I love it.  I don’t have to get dressed unless I’m going somewhere, or I want to remind my husband that I can still be cute. I can work with cats on my lap, a Maltese on my legs, and a big black Lab/Dane puppy on the floor next to me.  I can eat what I want for lunch, and I never have to endure stall talk in the bathroom.  For an introvert, working at home is heaven. 

 Since I work from home and my schedule is a bit more flexible, I do have to sometimes run errands during the business day.  Not only does that involve putting on big girl clothes, but it also involves talking to people I don’t know.  UGH!  Yesterday was such a day.  I had to sit at the VW dealership and wait for my car to have a thirty-day new car check up.  The official waiting room was crowded and too small for my comfort. In addition to being introverted, I’m also claustrophobic.  Score! So, I sat at a table overlooking the show room floor, where all people were at least six feet away.

  I prepared for this trip.  I was armed with a Verizon Jetpack Mifi device, a MacBook Pro (SO not a PC girl), and an incredible focus on my work.  I tried to just focus on work so that I would not need to make small talk about the weather or German engineering.  The sales and service people just did not get this.  I was offered three beverages in nine minutes.  Seriously!  I wanted to yell, “I’m not thirsty! Just stop talking to me!”  Instead, I smiled, pretended to be normal, and said, “No, thank you.” Another salesman, apparently named Tom, stopped to joke with me because I have a Tom’s sticker on my Mac.  He said, “That’s my computer.”  I wanted to ask him, “Are you trying to flirt with me or sell me a car?  Either way, I’m so not interested.”  I didn’t.  I just laughed and explained that I got it when I ordered my son’s shoes. I swear. I should be an actress, in an online show, of course.  There’s no way I will go to a studio every day. 


3 thoughts on “The Public Hermit

  1. I’m so glad you identified this contrast! I had a similar moment of clarity today. I went to my first La Leche League meeting this morning. The first few months of working from home were really rough on me, because I’m one of them there extroverts that likes just seeing other people and negotiating space with them and the connection that comes from that. Now it’s a year later, and I am expecting the first kiddo, and the gals in this circle are telling me how lucky I am. “You mean you can just get the baby and nurse her while you’re working?” “You mean you don’t have to be on a webcam?” It kind of hit me that even as an extrovert working from home is a huge win. I came back to work after my lunch break with the Ladies of the League very jazzed to return to the office- the office with my cat, my yoga pants, and my family closeby 🙂

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