The Cats I Follow

Booters looked like Tuxedo Stan and Henri.
Booters looked like Tuxedo Stan and Henri.

Like a good, card-carrying introvert, I like cats.  I have always loved cats, ever since I was a young introvert, sitting on my flowery couch with Booters.  Cats just make more sense to me.  They are independent, yet still cuddly and cute.  They respect your space, unless they really need some love.  (Morris, I’m talking to you!) They don’t sniff you in odd places, or bark when the wind blows. In fact, they don’t bark at all.  They also don’t NEED so much attention.  Dogs, on the other hand, are like super extroverted people. They require constant interaction. Interaction is just exhausting to introverts.

So, since I love cats, naturally, I follow a few of them on Facebook.  I’m sure this doesn’t

My friends and family even send me cat birthday cards.
My friends and family even send me cat birthday cards.

shock you one bit.   Even though I follow cats on Facebook, I refuse to make a page for any of my own animals.  You can meet them by clicking here, though. My Kidder Cat had a Facebook page a few years ago, and she died.  My friend’s dog, Smokey, had a page, and he died.  Do you see the pattern here? I’m not killing another animal with Facebook.  I will just follow other animals, like these cats:

  •  Earl Grey of the Tuxedo PartyTuxedo Stan, the good Earl’s brother, used to be the Tuxedo Party’s number one candidate, but he passed away.  See!  I’m not paranoid.  Facebook is killing animals.  Actually, the Tuxedo Party fights for rights for companion animals in Canada.  Earl Grey is even running for Prime Minister. For real. You can’t make stuff like this up. Tuxedo Stan ran for Mayor of Halifax.  I’m trying to imagine a cat as a government official. Well, honestly, if I were Canadian, I’d vote for Earl Grey.  I’d vote for any cat before I’d vote for a….um,  moving right along.
  •  Henri, Le Chat Noir —  If you have not seen Henri’s videos, made by the “thieving filmmaker,” you are missing out on true intellectual stimulation.  Henri is a French cat philosopher.  I was so impressed with his video musings that I bought Henri’s book for my husband as a graduation gift. Let’s face it; the book was really for me.  Henri is mostly aloof and cynical, but he does have a soft side.  He posted a lovely status about Tuxedo Stan when he passed away.   See! Animals do have feelings.
  •  Grumpy cat  — Like the other two cats I follow, Grumpy Cat makes a good living selling books, t-shirts, and other merchandise to whackadoo (my official diagnosis) people like me.  Unlike, Henri and Earl Grey, Grumpy cat has his own coffee beverage.   Again, you can’t make stuff like this up, I swear.  I don’t get the whole cat and coffee connection.  You would think Grumpy cat would sell tuna or catnip. I guess Grumpy’s handlers are marketing a product that tech savvy cat crazy yuppies will buy.
My super BFF got me this for my birthday.  She is a dog person, but I still love her.
My super BFF got me this for my birthday. She is a dog person, but I still love her.

You know, after listing the cats I follow, I feel like I need to follow more cats.  This is a pretty short list.  If you know of any good social media cats, please leave me a comment.  I’m not really interested in following dogs right now. They’re too needy, even in pictures, and I bet they post a lot of dumb statuses like, “I got a new toy! So happy!”  Then, five minutes later, “I destroyed my new toy! So happy!”  Ugh! Who needs all that happiness and interaction.



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