Vince Gilligan broke my heart.

Heart breaker! Sleep taker!
Heart breaker! Sleep taker!

Since I have started watching Talking Bad, the talk show all about Breaking Bad, I have developed a minor crush on Vince Gilligan, the show’s nerdy yet cute creator. I’m not the only one.  One of my most normal, least introverted friends shares my crush.  Don’t worry, A, I won’t “out” you.

As a self-diagnosed hermit, I would rather watch TV with a cat in my lap than talk to humans (except for my favorite people) most days of the week. So, it’s perfectly normal for me to develop a fake romantic interest in someone I will never meet.  It’s OK; my husband knows. Please see my FAKE BOYFRIEND LIST for more information on this.  My fake romance with Vince may be ending before I even get a chance to add him to the boyfriend list. Last night, Vince Gilligan broke my heart.

Vince, that was a CRAZY third to last episode.  I COULD NOT sleep last night. I kept waking up, horrified by what I had seen and heard.  Walt’s crazy personality change, that desert death scene, and Jesse’s face invaded my normal dreams about kittens and rainbows.  Until now, I was rooting for Walter White in spite of his meth making and nursing home explosions, but that all changed when he threatened Skylar.  Now, I’m sorry, but I would like to see Skyler shoot him in his Heisenberg head and step over him as she walks out the door of their 1970’s looking home.  I’d like to see Flynn hit him in the face with a crutch on his way out, too.

While we are on the topic of violence, Skylar, don’t pull a knife on someone stronger and crazier than you.  That would not have ended well for you if your son had not come to your rescue.  Yes, I know you are a fictional character, but we introverts get close to our fake people.  It’s because they don’t call us or come over unannounced.  Yes, I realize I may need help.

Vince, honey, I’ve got to be honest.  It’s not me; it’s you. Really, it’s your writing.  I’m afraid to watch the final two episodes of the series.  If last night’s horror movie was the THIRD TO THE LAST (did you know the proper term is antepenultimate?), then I am terrified at what I will see during the FINAL episode.  I may need therapy.  For real.

4 thoughts on “Vince Gilligan broke my heart.

  1. “Horrifying” is a really good way to describe last night’s episode. Now, I’m a bit of a masochist, so I enjoyed it, but it was most certainly not for the faint of heart.

    I wish I had dreams about kittens and rainbows on a regular basis. Life would just be so much better.

    1. Spencer, this episode even distorted my cat dreams. Right before I woke up yesterday, I remember telling some dream person that “you should put your cat to sleep if it’s bad characteristics overtake the good ones, like Walter White” or something like that. Vince has ruined me.

  2. I watched, riveted and stunned. I, too, had been rooting for something redeemable in the irascible science teacher, until..he…took…THE BABY…

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