Introverted Weekends: Yoga Pants and Arrested Development

Disclaimer:  My husband and my son helped me come up with Extroverted Friend’s activities.  We were out to lunch at the time and I laughed so hard that I had to fan my face and wipe my tears.  The lady at the next table stared at me like she was wondering just what was in my iced tea and crab cake salad. 

My favorite view on fall and winter weekends
My favorite view on fall and winter weekends

Whenever my extroverted friends ask me what I’m doing for the weekend, I feel like I need to lie so I don’t make them feel sorry for me.  My weekends are pretty tame, which I like, while my extroverted friends have 1,253,889 things planned, most of which I have never heard of. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Extroverted Friend:  So, what are you doing this weekend?

Me: Um, I think we are driving to some little town and having lunch with Heidi.  No, wait.  That got cancelled.  Um, we might be going out to eat at some point.  And I do want to write a blog, and maybe watch more episodes of Arrested Development.  I’ll probably read the Sunday paper. What about you?

Extroverted Friend: Well, on Friday night we might try that new Jamaican escargot place.  I think it’s called Rasta Snails, or something.  You know, the place with the snail wearing dreads and a rainbow knit cap on the door? After that, we are going to walk down town for the vegan gelato food truck festival. Then, on Saturday morning we are painting guide dogs’ toenails down at the shelter.  The poor things walk so much that their nails really do take a beating. We did that last year, too.  We are riding our bikes there, so we will ride 50 miles over to the Walk to End Q-Tip Abuse.  So many people go deaf from Q-Tips, you know.   Then, there are a couple of great shows in town. We can’t decide if we want to go see Hair On Ice or Christopher Walken’s one-man version of Annie.  We are going to take it easy on Sunday.  After church, we are going to brunch with the in-laws.  Then, it’s off to a co-worker’s sixties themed birthday party.  Maybe we should just go to Hair On Ice so we can grab a couple of t-shirts.  Otherwise, I’m going to have to make a couple of tie-dye shirts, and I can never get the dye off of my hands.

At this point, I’m usually tired from just listening to those plans. The truth is when the weekend rolls around, I’m thrilled to be wearing yoga pants, watching TV, and, oh say, not working. Well, except for the “not working” part, it’s really no different than most of my days as a work from home teacher/writer.  Actually, I do get to sleep later on the weekends. So, that is a big plus.

For those of you who are not introverts, here is the difference between introverts and extroverts.  Basically, introverts lose energy from social events and being around people in general.  They require recharging time, just like your iPhone. On the other hand, extroverts gain energy from people and enjoy having a full social calendar.

That’s it, in a nutshell.  Introverts are not mean, or lonely, or prone to giving away apples with cat hair on them at Halloween.  (That actually happened to me once when I was 9. I received a cat hairy apple.) There are a lot of myths about introverts.  Really, it just boils down to what makes a person feel energized. Introverts simply get tired from being around people for long periods of time.

Someone asked me if I wanted to go to the Renaissance Fair this weekend.  Let’s see, that involves thousands of people, mud, being outside all day, standing while eating, and using Port-O-Potties.  Was I bad or something? Why not just send me to jail?  I immediately started doing an inventory of the medication I had on hand, because it would take lots of it for me to do an outdoor festival of any kind. The only time I consent to spend a day outside with tons of people is if a trip to Disney is involved.  At least they have indoor plumbing and princesses there.  Heck, I can buy the accessories to BE a princess there.

When I was a teenager, I played along with my extroverted friends.  I went to the beach, and then ran home to take a quick shower before going to the movies, and then out to Bennigan’s. I was out until the wee hours, and then up the next day to go to work, or go to the beach again, or hang by the pool, or go to the mall, or whatever else.  Honestly, I was exhausted.  Even at 16 or so, I enjoyed when people cancelled plans and I could just veg out in my jammies and watch TV.  I still love that.  Only now, I do it with cats on my lap and my husband next to me.

I like people, just in small doses.
I like people, just in small doses.

7 thoughts on “Introverted Weekends: Yoga Pants and Arrested Development

  1. I need to write a companion piece to this entry called “Accidentally extroverted weekends.” I’m naturally inclined to be an extrovert, although I’d say I’ve calmed down a bit now that I’m thirty vs. even a few years ago. This past weekend I had a women’s group meeting at a church with other church ladies, and I really wasn’t jazzed about it, but it was the only event like that I’ve committed to go to since moving here as the pastor’s wife in July. I don’t do the prayer shawl group or the women’s Bible study and I didn’t help plan the bake sale and I’m not helping price yard sale items for the Fall Festival even though all those activities are taking place right next door to me. Anyway, a parishioner fell at this meeting, and I went from mild-mannered pastor’s wife to transportation coordinator, sherpa, emergency patient advocate, counselor to panicked senior citizen, and then, after two hours in the emergency room, this sweet lady asked if we couldn’t try to go back for lunch. So. Much. Socializing. Looking forward to work behind a computer screen without having to pretend that Proverbs 31 is the owner’s manual to my female identity.

    1. I had to look up Proverbs 31. Did you know it is also an organization for professional women?
      It sounds like you brought peace to a lot of people that day, and you earned a nap. I hope you took one. : )

  2. Hello Lisa!

    I agree! My weekends are to buy groceries and be lazy on my sofa!!! Usually with a glass of whiskey of some sort watching Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Golden Girls.. I have quite a few 🙂 I HATE using port-o-potties… the disgust cannot be summarized or captured through writing.. Just no. I will hold it. I used to stay up late too and even in high school, I would opt for my bed over hanging out. Then again, aside from being an introvert I am a hypersomniac so the two combined basically make me a human sloth. It’s OK, my home is my haven and I have no problems being happily cooped up there for long periods of time. 🙂 It’s funny when you said that people cancelling is enjoyable I could totally relate; because then you don’t have to put excuses to not going should extreme hibernation urges kick in.

    Happy Monday!

  3.    Loved this one, too !!  I just saw in People Magazine a new book that is out and I immediately thought of you.      The book is  :   “CAT  SENSE”                                By John Bradshaw      People describes it as: ” Drawing from research, the author cracks an enigma; the feline mind.  A must for owners wondering how Fluffy really feels about them.”           I know you must already have it in your Kendall (?) !! Love & Hugs, Mom  PS:   No kisses, denture would not allow a kiss.  I have so many sore spots on my gums, The sides of my tongue is even really tender.  It is HELL when I take them out and then put them back in…  Now I know why some old farts don’t wear them.  But, I am too vain !!!!!                                  

    “Just Another Day In Paradise”


  4. OMG trying to make a comment and this obnoxious box keeps blocking out what I am trying to type! I’ve signed up and completed all the demands and still the obnoxious box! I just might turn introvert because the sites’ Nazi pop-ups are driving me nuts,

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