Sitting by Mr. Hangover

Uh oh!  I hate planes.
Uh oh! I hate planes.


If you read The Traveling Hermit blog, you know that I was forced to sit in a metal tube with strangers and travel to a conference in Charleston, SC BY MYSELF, without the comfort or socialization skills of my wonderful husband or son.  Really, I’m grateful that I made it there and back ALIVE.  I’m always surprised when the plane does NOT crash. When it comes to air travel, I tend to turn in to Rain Man and start babbling about Quantas.  Good times.

Of course, both there and back, I had connecting flights in Atlanta.  I’m pretty sure that you have to connect in Atlanta on your way to hell, heaven or your next incarnation.  A lot of people hate the Atlanta airport, even my non-introverted friends, because it is so BIG.  Even though I hate people and travel, I love the Atlanta airport simply because it’s easy to navigate. I don’t need to ask anyone for directions. I just follow the signs, get on a train, and bam, I am at my gate.  No talking required.  Love it.

So, now that I am back in the comfort zone, I am recovering from the 48 hours I was away.  I got off of the plane with a blasting headache.  This is because I thought it was a good idea to skip the coffee in order to be less nervous on my flights.  NOT A GOOD IDEA. People who are unfamiliar with caffeine withdrawal, take a look at number 1 here. I also don’t eat much on travel days because of the IBS.  So from 7:00 AM until 2:00 PM I lived on one tiny gluten-free pop tart, water, a vitamin, and one Motrin, which did NOTHING for my headache.  I couldn’t take more Motrin because I was not eating a lot.

As you can imagine, I already was not feeling great when I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mr. Hangover from Atlanta to Ohio.  This guy reeked of alcohol, cigarettes, and bad decisions.  The only good part about him being in recovery from last night’s good time, is that he boarded with a travel pillow and promptly went to sleep.  There was no annoying chit-chat.  Thank you, Mr. Hangover.

When I got off of the plane, my people were waiting for me on the other side of security.  YAY!! I wanted to dance.  Instead, I walked over and told them about Mr. Hangover and my headache. We collected my checked bag and headed to Wendy’s.  I was so hungry and headachy that I needed a Diet Coke and cheeseburger stat.  I gulped down two more Motrin in the car on the way to Wendy’s.   Yes, natural foods people, I know I probably ate antibiotics, hormones, and other toxins.  I had a headache.  This was an emergency. There was no time for a trip to Whole Foods or a Google search of Monsanto.

When we got home, I did exactly what you are not supposed to do after eating a huge cheeseburger.  I drank a big cup of Earl Grey tea, and then I fell asleep on the couch.  It was so needed.  I napped for at least two hours.  Then, I took the best shower ever and scrubbed the travel off of myself, followed by a much-needed mega-mushroom mask. I hate eating mushrooms, but spreading them on my face is A-OK.

The elixir of the weary
The elixir of the weary

Now, I’m in hydration mode.  I’m gulping down Vitamin Water and regular water.  Yes, natural food people, I understand that I’m drinking corporate greed chemicals and illegal tax breaks, or something, but, again, I have a headache.  If you couldn’t tell already, I don’t do discomfort well.

2 thoughts on “Sitting by Mr. Hangover

  1. Hello Lisa!

    Glad to hear you made it home safe and although you had an awful headache, Mr. Hangover was there to provide silent-peaceful company 🙂 I would’ve spritzed him with a more pleasant scent but I dislike cigarette smell O_o. I don’t take kindly to discomfort either, I will happily scarf down a Wendy’s burger just to get something in my system.

    Happy Monday!

    1. Hi Iva,

      I’m not a fan of the scent of cigarettes either, but the stale beer scent was worse than the smoke. I kept sniffing the Michael Kors perfume sample in the magazine I was reading. It helped. 🙂

      Have a great day!

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