Facebook– It’s all good, sort of.

A Public Hermit
A Public Hermit

As an introvert who works from home, I use Facebook as my “water cooler.”  Those of you who have never worked in an office, or watched one on TV, this does not mean that I attempt to drink from Facebook, though I am sure that function is coming. There will be a water app some day; I just know it.

The good side of Facebook is that I have gotten to know a lot of people that I did not take the time to hang around with in high school. This is because I spent much of high school trying to be Molly Ringwald’s Claire character from the Breakfast Club.  In reality, I was but a lowly Andie Walsh. In my quest to be Claire, I spent a lot of time trying to hang out with the “right” people rather than the people that I truly had a lot in common with.  I missed out on developing a lot of great friendships, though I did have some good friends.  So, now, on Facebook, I have gotten to know all of these great people.  I feel lucky to have found them again after all of these years.

Another good thing about Facebook is that I get to know my work friends through their pictures and status updates.  This is where that whole water cooler thing comes in. Since I work online, I don’t often see my co-workers in person.  There are meetings here and there, but they only last a day or two, and they don’t occur regularly.  Of course, this can also be a good thing because I never have enough time to become annoyed by my co-workers.  There are those special people who can be annoying via email, but I don’t know anyone like that.  I swear that I am telling the truth.

The one bad side of Facebook, other than having to block creepy people who message you out of no where to ask to be special friends with you, is that you may get to know people too well.  For example, I’ve learned that most of my extended family is on the other side of the religious and political spectrum.  I just have very little in common with them, and I’m not going to lie, I roll my eyes at their posts.  Before Facebook, I would see them maybe once every 15 or 30 years.  I would wish we were closer, and think of all the fun times we could spend together as a family.  Now, after “seeing” them daily on Facebook, I get why my mom ran screaming from the Midwest and moved to Florida.  Mom, you could not have done me a bigger favor.  I’m sorry about moving back, but at least I ended up in a better town.  I mean aside from the snow.

I’ve learned from working online that most people will say things to you through a computer screen that they would never say to your face.  I’m not like this as I tend to have no filter both in person and online.  Think  Sheldon Cooper without the tall, slender frame and fancy science degrees.  Maybe I should just BE Sheldon Cooper online.  Who would know the difference?

4 thoughts on “Facebook– It’s all good, sort of.

  1. Now, you have “seen” the “people” that I ran from in the Midwest, you understand. Now I can run / “fly” back to be with your family !!!!

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