NANOWRIMO–A Contest for Non-Competitive Hermits

NanowrimoAs your token cat loving, hermit pal, I spend a lot of time sitting in my house and staring at screens.  Unlike the average gamer teen, I HAVE to do this. For one, I work online (for an online university — I don’t sell Amway).  So, I earn my living, for real, entirely online.  As you know, I like to blog every now and then, so I am online a lot writing and posting my award-winning writing.  I use the term “award-winning” loosely.

Anyway, I figured since I’m obviously not typing and staring at a glowing screen enough, I should participate in the only “competition” that non-competitive hermits enter.  For the first time in three years, I signed myself up for National Novel Writing Month.  Here is my profile. Contact me there if you want to be my buddy for the month of November. The last time I did this, in 2010, I wrote Misfit Academy.  This time, I plan to at least have a decent draft of The Lizard King Club.  The month of November will be tough for sure, seeing as how I just promised to write at least 50,000 words, but there are a lot of positives to participating in NANOWRIMO.

Here are the five best things about participating in National Novel Writing Month:

  1. In an attempt to make myself feel more professional, I will actually get dressed every day.  To those of you who do not work from home, this means that I put on my GOOD yoga pants, the ones with real pockets in the back, fake pockets in the front, and an actual fly.
  2. I will learn to be really organized and use my time very wisely.  Writing a book in a month, while still having a job, a son, a husband, five pets and a TV watching schedule can be tough.  Focus. Focus. Focus.
  3. I get to listen to that awesome movie sound track station on Sirius .  I’m not talking about the one with real songs.  I’m talking about the one with background music.  I can’t listen to words and write, but that instrumental song from E.T. is perfect.
  4. I will not be on Facebook as much.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s great to see that I look better than some people I didn’t like in high school (sarcasm), but a break is still good.
  5. I could lose a pound or two.  Since, I will not have time to drive to Starbuck’s, go out to eat at all, or snack between meals, I will eat less, I hope.  Whenever I plan to eat less, I eat more.  It’s a sickness.

So, if you are a writer, or just want to play one on TV, maybe you should consider doing NANOWRIMO, too.  You

My GOOD Yoga Pants
My GOOD Yoga Pants

have three more days to warn your family, buy more coffee, and find that Cinemagic channel on Sirius.  If you don’t want to participate, you can still live vicariously through me.  I will be posted excerpts from the novel, and likely some complaints about how much my fingers hurt.

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