Humidified Hermit

Check out the hair.
Check out the hair.

For the third time this fall, I am a traveling hermit. This time, we are visiting the family in Florida for Thanksgiving. Way back when I lived in South Florida, oh say the first 35 years of my life or so before moving to Fort Wayne, IN (AKA the armpit of America — we’ll get to that in another blog), I used to HATE it when the tourists would complain about the heat and humidity.  They would complain in their New York accents. “How do you stand this heat? Ugh, and the air is so thick.”  My favorite was, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas when it’s this HOT!”  I wanted to tell them to take I-95 north if they don’t like it, and that Jesus was born in the desert.  Even your token atheist friend knows that.  I didn’t say either.  I just shrugged and said something about just being used to it.  Friends, a sad day has arrived for me.  I am no longer used to the Florida climate.  I have become, gulp, a Northerner.

I’m coming to you live from the guest room at my father in-law’s house where I am sitting directly under the ceiling fan, which is on the second to highest setting.  It was on the highest setting after I emerged from the steamy post-shower bathroom almost certain that I was going to have a heat stroke.  You see, back up north (Florida people, please don’t hit me for saying “back up north.”) I am used to being a little chilly when I get out of the shower.  I usually have to put on a nice, warm, fluffy bathrobe after I bathe.  Then, I have to blow-dry my hair ASAP.  Today, I decided not to dry my hair, but rather to just give in to the humidity.  I was certain that I would catch on fire if I aimed hot air at my head. So, “beachy” waves it is.

I remember tourists complaining about the clouds, too.  They usually wanted to go home with tans, so cloudy or rainy days were not fun.  Well, after enduring a lot of cloudy days in Ohio, I was looking forward to some sun from the Sunshine State.  It’s not happening today.  It is almost as dreary here as in Ohio, only with palm trees and an ocean.  Oh, listen to me.  I’m complaining like a Yankee again.

So, while I was writing the first draft of this blog (Yes, this is actually the REVISED

The Sunshine State?
The Sunshine State?

version.), my father-in-law told Chris and I to get ready because we were going to “somewhere near the ocean” for lunch.  It ended up being a beautiful place named Pietros on the Ocean. The food was great, and I got a good picture of the dreary beach.  It kind of looks like the Pacific Northwest out there today.

In a couple of days, we are heading down to where I grew up, Hollywood, where it will likely be hotter, more humid, and have more tourists.  You know how we introverts adore crowds.  The good news is that I will get to see family and close friends.  The bad news is that I will not be there long enough to see everyone, and I feel bad about that.  I will continue to “see” everyone on Facebook, though, where weather and tourists do not exist

4 thoughts on “Humidified Hermit

  1. “Friends, a sad day has arrived for me. I am no longer used to the Florida climate. I have become, gulp, a Northerner.”

    NOOOOOOO!!! Seriously, though? I’m transitioning into being a Northerner myself when it comes to the heat. Will only needed one good Minnesota winter and was happy to kiss swampy Georgia climate goodbye. I still consider it the height of luxury to wash my hair and let it dry naturally curly, a luxury I can only find in the warm, wet womb of South Georgia. I hope it still feels luxurious when it’s more of a necessity, like when we visit family to show off the baby and I don’t have the time (or sweat glands) necessary to blow-dry my hair after bathing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. As a person who was born in New York, now resides in Northern Virginia, and has lived a few months in Florida.. I can definitely say NoVa is where I’m most comfortable. I enjoyed New York while I when I was younger and I enjoyed Florida while I was there but yes that heat takes some getting used to.. I definitely complained during the summer, although I thankfully arrived during the winter (well what Floridians consider winter) so it was perfect weather. I like the true 4 seasons we get here in nova (although, the humidity can get quite bad during the Spring/Summer). Glad you survived and don’t worry being a ‘Northerner’ isn’t a bad thing 😉 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! -Iva

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