Raising a Rock Star

Sergio, singing Photo Cred: J. Reed

My son is the type of person who would NEVER call himself a rock star.  He is and will be a musician. To say that I am proud of my son would be like saying I love staying home with my cats.  It’s an obvious understatement.  My son has not always been the easiest child (there was that time in 8th grade where I was convinced he was trying to kill me with stress), but he hasn’t been the toughest either.  During times when he was being especially stubborn, I would tell myself that Donald Trump probably did not kowtow to everything his parents said.  I doubt Eddie and Alex VanHalen did either. 

I think I know how Mr. and Mrs. Van Halen felt while raising their boys.  It’s a combination of pride and fear.  It’s not easy to guide a creative person.  I’m proud of him for his talent and his character, but I fear a lot of things about the world of musicians, like drugs, alcohol, gold diggers, and poverty.  I’m a mama lion, but I can’t protect him from everything. I can only hope that his head continues to stay on straight, and that he keeps away from things that will take his focus off of making music, the thing he has wanted to do since fourth grade.

My son has never had a plan B. There was never a time when he said, “Well, if I’m not a musician, I will be an accountant,

Sergio's first acoustic guitar
Sergio’s first acoustic guitar

or teacher, or fireman.”  Never.   Since the age of 10, so 6 years now, he has wanted to be a musician.  That is when he saved money and bought his first electric guitar.  He very politely asked if we could pay for lessons since he bought the guitar himself.  Of course, we did.  Through the years, he has also taken drum and vocal lessons, and he has purchased more guitars.  He has never learned to read music, but he has written a few songs, including this one, Peacemaker, which was just released on Friday. 

First "drum" set
First “drum” set

My son’s band, Alone at Dawn, is a metal band, but a melodic metal band.  Their first song, Peacemaker, is one that people of all ages have liked so far.  By all ages, I mean from about 13 to 45.  I don’t think people in their 70’s will jam out to it, but they might enjoy the more melodic parts.  If you want to check them out, you can LIKE Alone at Dawn here. That’s the link to their FaceBook page.  They will be posting more information and songs there.  I’m told there will also be pictures of the fellas soon.   For now, you will have to be satisfied with the lovely photos I have posted here.

Sergio's first public performance, the summer after 8th grade.
Sergio’s first public performance, the summer after 8th grade.









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