The Working Out Chubby

Like a lot of people, I get all of my news, especially anything political or religious, from Facebook.  My friends on Facebook are always posting good, factual information for me in the form of memes.  In case you are 127 years old, or you live on the moon, a meme is a picture with some sort of message on it, usually written in sarcasm, which happens to be my native language.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of memes about the working poor.  The working poor are, well, people who work but are still poor.  My mom was one of them when I was a kid.  So, I totally understand the concept, and I feel for all of the people out there who work hard and still can’t pay their bills.  There is another, similar group of hard working people that I also feel for, mainly because I am one of them.  Friends, I am talking about the working out chubby.

You all probably know someone like this.  He could be that guy you work with who is on a soccer team.  You have been to the guy’s games, and you have seen him run his behind all over the field.  You know he plays a few nights a week.  You sit there and try to imagine how many calories he burns, and you know it is not enough.  Work friend soccer playing dude is still fat.

I knew someone like this at a gym I used to go to a few years ago.  Yes, I actually used to go to a gym.  This woman was, and hopefully still is, a Zumba instructor.  She taught 2 or 3 classes a day, with gusto.  She had the moves down.  I had a hard time keeping up with her, partially because she was great and partially because I loathe Zumba music.  Anyway, there’s no nice way to say this, Zumba lady was still in the morbidly obese range.

I’m not morbidly obese, but I am definitely overweight.  I’ve always been an exerciser.  Sometimes I hit the elliptical, and sometimes I do a Gilad episode.  No, I haven’t cut carbs out of my life or started vomiting after I eat, but I don’t exactly eat like a lumberjack either.  My IBS won’t allow it.  I am still overweight.

So, I think we need some kind of meme to raise awareness about this.  Maybe something like, “Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I’m lazy.”  Anybody willing to design this?  We need to raise funds for liposuction or something.  My active chubby brothers and sisters need your help.

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