Fusian – Not a Bait Shack

Dania Pier ©2014 Tobie Ackerman
Dania Pier
©2014 Tobie Ackerman

I have spent most of my adult life HATING sushi.  Any time I tried it, I was reminded of the Dania fishing pier near my hometown in South Florida.  The place was an old wooden pier that reeked of cheap beer, bait, and fish.  My friends and I would swim at the beach near the pier, and I would never fail to get smacked in the mouth with seaweed filled waves.  My eyes would burn from the salt water, and of course some of the wave would manage to get in my mouth. The taste was like rancid spinach and saline solution.  For many years, sushi was a combination of face-smacking waves and bait to me.

And yes, sushi lovers, I tried sushi EVERYWHERE: the mid-west, where I live now, California, Hawaii, and Florida.  And yes, I tried the California roll EVERYWHERE.  I hated that, too.  The worst thing I ever tried is called “toast and jam.”  It’s raw fish on rice.  I had to spit that out.

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my son wanted to go to a fast food sushi place for his birthday.  Couldn’t the kid pick a fancy steak house or Italian place like a normal teen?  Well, it’s a good thing he chose Fusian because last Saturday, my opinion of sushi changed forever.

Here’s the thing about Fusian.  You can create your own roll.  It’s like Chipotle for sushi. Plus, they have two kinds of wraps, traditional seaweed (barf!) or soy.  Hello, sushi without the ocean after taste.  They also have a variety of meat and veggie fillings.  No more bait scented fish only options.  I had a soy wrap, STEAK, veggies and sweet chili sauce.  And it was SO GOOD.  Just for fun, we also tried a peanut butter and jelly roll on soy.  That was awesome, too.

So, I don’t know if they have Fusian where you live, but if they do, go try it.  Even if the thought of sushi gives you the urge to vomit or go fishing, I promise you will like sushi at this place.  And no, they are not paying me to write this.  Like all chubby girls, I just get super excited about food.

2014@mrsergmeister That's the PBJ on the bottom.
That’s the PBJ on the bottom.

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