ONE Baby Daddy Old-Fashioned

Sleeves and mom pants are my uniform.
Sleeves and mom pants are my uniform.

I like to think of myself as young and with the times. I even tell myself and most of the time others that I am 28, just to keep a young mindset. I don’t actually believe that I’m 28, but it sounds better than 42. I love techy toys, and keeping up on all things science and technology. I really enjoy a good $5 cup of Starbucks. I have always thought of myself as modern, but recently I have discovered that even though I have an iPhone 5S and a VW with Bluetooth, I am really just an old-fashioned hermit. Here’s why:

I only have one baby daddy. It’s true. My son’s father is my ex-husband. We were married for two years before I got pregnant. I’ve only been divorced once. In my defense, I am on my second marriage, which makes me somewhat “modern.”

I don’t like low-rise jeans. Give me a good pair of mom jeans that covers my carb-induced fat roll any day.

I like sleeves. I had a hard time finding a wedding gown because everything is sleeveless and open. I think beautiful sleeves can really add a lot more to a dress than someone’s skin hanging out.

I still think smoking is one of the unhealthiest things you can do. Whether you “vape” or smoke regular cigarettes, you’re still sucking in a chemical shitstorm. The American Lung Association tends to agree with me.

I think it’s good for kids to have free time after school and in the summer. They will have plenty of time to be super busy and stressed out; it’s called adulthood. They don’t need to be scarfing down a happy meal in the car on their way from soccer to judo.

I don’t care if the bucket of soda is only a dollar more. I don’t want it. I want something smaller than the huge cup you call a small. No, I also don’t want to super size.

I don’t mind cooking dinner for my family, and I love it that we eat together at the kitchen table almost every night.

I will not “get rid of” a pet. Pets are members of the family. I won’t give them away just because they are inconvenient sometimes. Thought I will admit that Sophie pushed me to my patience limit.

I’m not having botulism injected on purpose. If I have any lines, I’ve earned them.

I’m also not having any implants or liposuction. I will exercise and diet until I drop dead to have the best body I can, but I am not going the Barbie doll route.

I eat carbs. I always will.

What about you? Are you with the times, or hopelessly old-fashioned like me?


9 thoughts on “ONE Baby Daddy Old-Fashioned

  1. Ha we’re freakishly alike – except while I like sleeves I like a good strapless 🙂 I am once-divorced and he’s my son’s father. I agree no botox or plastic surgery – if you want the body enough, work for it. I think I’m with the times but with an old-fashioned twist. I’m also just very lazy. 😀 Happy Hump Day Lisa! -Iva

    1. Thanks, Iva. Yes. Work for it! That is what I am in the process of doing. Again. Oops. Why is it so much easier to gain weight than lose it?

      I’m off to check out your blog.

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