Saving your Privates from the Heartbleed Bug

Most of you know that I am the self-crowned queen of TMI. I will talk about ANYTHING really. I have even shared my IBS issues with you. Afterall, I did post a picture of dog poop once, and cat poop. Yep, I posted that, too. So, you may find it hard to believe that there are things that even I won’t share with my readers. These are things that would make my beloved Mac susceptible to viruses like the Heartbleed bug. So, in honor of Choose Privacy Week, I’m going to share with you the three things I will never blog about.

  1. My Mother’s Maiden Name. I may have told you about my Dublin Stubs, or short, thick, Irish legs here, but I will never tell you my mother’s Irish maiden name. Even though there are more security questions now, mother’s maiden name is still a big one. So, it shall remain a secret.
  2. My Magical Pin Numbers. There are a few combinations that I tend to use for pin numbers. I will never mention these numbers in a blog or on any social media site.
  3. My Phone Number. Not only do I just HATE talking on the phone, but I know there are numerous scam artists who access their victims via telephone. They will be SOL with me as I won’t answer it.

For Choose Privacy Week, I would love it if you could come up with your own list of Internet no nos. It’s something everyone should do, really. What will you never share with the online community? Let me know in the comment section. My friends over at SingleHop would also love to hear from you.

Macbook Pro
The Heartbleed bug could do this!



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