Random Thoughts on Every Episode of Mad Men

Some day, when I am older, I will be just like Sophia on the Golden Girls. I will say exactly what I am thinking in that exact moment. For now, I hold everything in and just post it on my blog. Here is what goes through my mind every time I watch Mad Men.

  •  Don Draper should have herpes.
  •  Does Jon Hamm get Botox to keep that bland face going.
  •  I hope to all that is holy that they are really drinking colored water.
  •  If they are actually drinking that much liquor, there would be mountains of puke on the set.
  •  They really do sew Joan into her dresses. I hope she doesn’t have IBS.
  •  She obviously didn’t breast feed.
  •  Why doesn’t Joan just marry Roger? He’s her baby daddy and it’s the 60’s.
  •  Plus, Roger is RICH.
  •  And he’s super sexy. Roger is WAY sexier than Don.
  •  Don is pretty and all, but Roger is funny. Funny wins. Always.
  •  And Roger has blue eyes. Brown eyes remind me of dried turds.
  •  Not that I study dried turds or anything.
  •  Why is Megan considered sexy?
  •  She has no ass.
  •  And she walks like her ass is trying to mug her crotch.
  •  Can’t they do some surgery to fix that?
  •  At least Betty has a shape.
  •  Even fat Betty was better than Megan.
  •  Who the hell is this Lou asshole? Get rid of him.
  •  I love Burt. He’s so fake Asian.
  •  Really? Just lighting up weed in the office, huh?
  •  Well, I guess they drink in the office.
  •  And have sex in the office.
  •  What possessed Peggy to screw Pete?
  •  He’s a walking enema.
  •  He brings out the worst shit in people.
  •  I want to live in Don and Megan’s California house, but without them.

Oh, the song is starting. It’s over already?

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Every Episode of Mad Men

  1. Golden Girls is the best show ever and Sophia is the best character although I love all the other girls equally because they each bring something awesome to the show. I watch it on the regular! 🙂 Happy Friday Lisa! -Iva

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