Ding Dong! Mary Jane Lady Calling!

Way back in the D-A-Y, before there was Wifi, reality TV, or me, there was the sweetest Avon commercial on TV. It went something like this:

I’m super nostalgic for the 1950’s, even though I was born A LOT of years later, like at least 40. OK, more like 20. Anyway, I would live in Pleasantville if it existed. So, I have thought of a way to bring back the 1950’s Avon lady, but modernize her a bit by changing her product line just a little.  Anyone know where I’m going with this? Wait for it.   Mary Jane lady parties.

Ding Dong! Your kush is here! ©DankDepot
Ding Dong! Your Kush is here!

Instead of the Avon lady showing up with lipstick samples and perfume pouches, the Mary Jane lady would arrive with all of your marijuana needs, medical or otherwise. And just like with Avon, Mary Kay (I never realized how close to Mary Jane that is), Tupperware, Pampered Chef, and MANY others, you could host your own Mary Jane party. That’s right! You could invite your friends over to sample and purchase fine Mary Jane products.

Your personal Mary Jane lady would provide glossy catalogs with a variety of products. She could even borrow a Pampered Chef technique and make pot brownies for you and your guests, giving everyone samples and a recipe card. She could also whip up some green butter and some canned dinner rolls for a non-sweet treat. Your friends may be so relaxed that they can’t get up from your couch. Then you could get out your Avon stuff and make clown faces on them. Think of the fun you could have!

The MJ lady could even make a cake with a green middle! ©SaraonFlickr
The MJ lady could even make a cake with a green middle!

And let’s not forget about that host or hostess gift. For every $100 in sales, you could earn a free bong, pipe, or other product of your choice.

I’m not really a pot person, and it’s not legal in my state. So, if anyone out there starts Mary Jane parties, I will expect a check each month totally 40% of your sales. I mean, you will be doing ALL of the work, but it IS my fabulous idea.   It’s a better offer than you would get from any of the sharks on Shark Tank.


Disclaimer: Mary Jane ladies do not need to be ladies. We are an equal opportunity employer. Gentlemen are welcome to apply.





6 thoughts on “Ding Dong! Mary Jane Lady Calling!

  1. Our Avon lady used to leave samples and catalogs in everyone’s driveways. My sister and I used to go out and steal all of the samples. We never hosted parties though. But perhaps we have some of the skills necessary for being MJ ladies. 😉

    1. My mom WAS an Avon lady back in the 70’s for a short period of time. I remember going out and hanging little baggies of samples on doorknobs. Imagine the MJ samples we could leave. 🙂

  2. Ha that is such a lovely commercial – Pot isn’t legal here either, yet.. DC is on board but we’re not there yet. I feel it should just be legalized but that’s my opinion. I never could get on that Avon bandwagon – it’s like Mary Kay – it’s too much! I can’t stand it, I hate sales and I’m definitely not one to provide makeup and skincare advice O_o. Happy Monday Lisa!! -Iva

    1. Iva,
      I hate sales, too, as you know. 🙂 I also do not like Mary Kay or Avon. I either buy Origins or Perfectly Posh. The Posh stuff is awesome. A girl who sells it found me on Twitter and sent me samples. I wrote a blog about it and now I’m a customer. I love the internet.
      See you on Friday!

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