I know my mama loves me. By Sophie the dog

My mama wrote this letter to me and said I wasn’t her dog, but that’s a lie. I know I’m her dog because she feeds me. You wouldn’t feed someone that you didn’t love because why would you share food with an enemy. Food is very important and it makes your belly feel nice and full. You wouldn’t just give it away. That makes no sense.

Also, when no one is here, mama says nice things to me. I don’t speak people, so I don’t know really what she is saying, but she says it in her mama love voice. You know, the soft one she uses when one of us, even the boy, is sick or scared of thunder. You don’t speak love to someone you hate.

Dog with big sock monkey
Mama bought me this for Christmas. She loves me.

She also hugs me when she wipes off my feet and whole body after I’ve been outside in the rain. You wouldn’t hug someone you don’t even like unless they were giving you food or something. I never give mama food. She eats stinkier stuff and drinks harsh water. I don’t know why the woman just can’t eat Blue Buffalo like the rest of us.

This is the main reason I know mama loves me. When I got attacked at the really crappy day care I used to go to, mama made sure that my ouchy was taken care of by a good doctor. She even comforted me when I was kind of scared at the doctor’s office. She took really good care of me when we got home, too.

Mama put a shirt over my ouchy and gave me a hug.
Mama put a shirt over my ouchy and gave me a hug.

Mama is just one of those people who tries to be all tough, kind of like a Doberman, and she thinks being mean is funny. Mean is not funny; it’s just mean. Mama hasn’t learned that yet. I will be patient with her and keep going in my crate when she makes her growly noises and her mean face. The woman will grow out of it at some point. Until then, as long as she keeps giving me Kongs, and food, and cookies, and toys, I’m good. The hugs are OK, too. She won’t let me kiss her, though.

Dog kisses
Mom won’t let me kiss her, but I know she loves me.

6 thoughts on “I know my mama loves me. By Sophie the dog

    1. I didn’t love her today when she tracked dirt everywhere. I need to litter train this 80 pound dog. 🙂

  1. I remember us chatting about this pup at BlogU! And you must love this pup because you buy one of the most expensive types of dog food known to dogkind.

    1. Sophie has GI issues. It’s almost like I really gave birth to her. : ) The cats actually get more expensive food — Royal Canin GI Fiber Response because Andre has issues. With cats, you can’t just feed one a special diet, so they all eat it. These animals are lucky they live with us. Anyone else would buy grocery store food and hope for the best.
      How is your new dog doing?

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