Morris Makes his Debut

Hey humans, I’m Morris. I’m a big old orange tiger baby and I’m a lover when I’m not scared of new people. My mommy doesn’t like a lot of new people since she is a hermit and all, whatever that means. So, I usually don’t have surprise people. I just got used to the boy’s girl after like a really long time. She’s been coming over since putting on strange fur and pretending to be someone else and getting candy time. She is nice. I let her touch me now. I used to hide under the bed.

My brother and sisters wouldn’t let me touch Mama’s light square because they thought I would drool on it, but I only drool when I have love time with Mama.  I also check her milk spots for bumps even though she doesn’t have cat milk. I just use my paws and mash on her to check for weird stuff, you know, to make sure she’s not gonna die of the milk spot disease that everyone talks about. Even though my brother and sisters think I’m stupid, I’m actually really smart. I knew what house I wanted to live in.

One day, a super long time ago, during the hot time of the year, I got lost from my old house. I think they moved and forgot to tell me. So, I started walking and I found Mama’s house. I knew from the all of the animal smells that she was a sucker, um, I mean a good mama. So, I went into her yard, and some old big, black dog growled at me and ran towards me. I didn’t run away since I wasn’t scared. It was just a dog. Didn’t bother me none.  Mama yelled, “Mario, leave it!” and the creature left me alone. A while ago, that dog crossed the rainbow bridge. Now, we have a new bigger black dog. I wonder if it’s the same one, but just bigger. This one’s a girl and the old one smelled like a boy. Oh well. They are both nice. I’m OK with dogs and other cats, unless they are mean to me. There are a few in my house. These are all of my sisters and my brother.  I have my own names for them, but I know what Mama calls them, too.

Halloween Kitty
Mean Ninja

Mean Ninja (Andre) always just wants to fight me. I don’t understand that kind of anger. Maybe he’s hungry. I’m bigger though. So, I usually win unless Mama breaks us up.

seductive cat
Pot Head Tiger

Pot Head Tiger (Boo) is a striped baby like me. She’s gray though. Boo is usually nice to me and doesn’t start fights. She likes kitty pot. I don’t get it. It does nothing for me. Daddy grows it for her. I think he could get arrested for that.

Yippie dog
Yippie dog

Yippie dog (Lola) is a dog but she is littler than me. She makes noises when I am trying to sleep all day. Lola always thinks we are being attacked or something. I wish she would shut up.

Great Dane Black Lab

Trample (Sophie) is a big black dog, and she really likes to chase you and play and stuff. I don’t like being chased. I try to run away, but sometimes she steps on me. She’s too big, but she’s not scary, just kind of dumb.

I don’t really hang out with my brother or my sisters all day. I like to hide in Mama’s closet and sleep. She says I’m a vampire, but I don’t sparkle and I don’t eat blood. I eat cat food, and lots of it. Whenever I’m awake, you can find me with my face in a bowl. My siblings tell me I’m fat. It’s not my fault. I think I have an eating disorder just like this cat and his Mama.

I like to eat
I like to eat

So, if you like hearing about me and stuff, share this with your human friends. Read it to your cats and dogs, too. They like to hear stories. I gotta get back to the closet now. The sun is shining through the windows and you know how us gingers burn.


12 thoughts on “Morris Makes his Debut

    1. Sophie will go anywhere with her people. She’s just a bucket of love.

      The cats would shit in their carriers.

    1. I totally understand, Kristen. I love my cats almost as much as I love my son. I love the dogs, too, but they are more annoying and needy. 🙂

  1. “I knew from the all of the animal smells that she was a sucker” … I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that line. I think all of us pet owners are suckers. The cat lady at the adoption agency in NJ swore that we had to take Millie AND Matisse, because they loved each other so much, they just couldn’t be separated. After living with these two for 10 years now, I can state without any shadow of a doubt that these two hate each other. The girl refuses to eat with the riffraff (fatty cat), so she smacks him in the head to try to get him out of the way. If he races in first (which he usually does), she won’t come in until we let him out.

    We know two other families sucker punched by Betty the Cat Lady. Both of them also went shopping for one kitten and came home with two. The lady’s good!

    P.S. Thanks for the link to my story!

    1. My cats hate each other most of the time. Andre and Boo have snuggly moments, but Andre tries to kill Morris at least once a day. I would never get more than one cat again unless they are litter mates.

      Morris loves your blog. 🙂

    1. Boo is such a pot head. She goes nuts over cat nip, and the fellas just look at her with pity in their eyes. 🙂

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