Floor-Poopin’ Cat Sister Probs

Hey Peoples, Morris here. I finally got the light square away from Trample (Sophie). She thinks she’s the only one of us who can write. I actually write gooder than her but don’t tell her cause then she’ll chase me and run me over with her big tramply legs.

I feel safe way up here.
I feel safe way up here.

I mean it. She is scary big and stupid hyper. I think she scares my sister Pot Head Tiger (Boo Boo), too, because lately Pot Head has been avoiding the litter box. She poops on the floor, you guys. It’s just gross.

I try to cover the poop when she does it, but there is not really any litter on the tile or carpet. I gave myself rug burn trying to cover the evidence. No good. Mama still found it and yelled, “What the fuck, Boo?” Mom knows it’s her because she caught her doing it. Pot Head must be sniffing too much cat nip cause she just poops on the floor even when Mama or Daddy can see her.

See! It's gross!
See! It’s gross!

We all have accidents sometimes. I used to pee on the floor when I first moved to Mama’s house. That was because I was mad at Mean Ninja (Andre) for trying to beat me up. I’m still mad at him, but I don’t pee on the floor anymore. I just kick his ass. I’m bigger and stronger. So, I teach him a lesson when he needs it. I hate it when Mama breaks up our fights cause I don’t need her help. I’m a big man.

I gotta go follow Pot Head around and tell her to use the litter box. She is probably so drugged out that she just forgets where all of the boxes are. I’d rather hide on Daddy’s pile of dirty clothes, but if I don’t keep Pot Head from pooping on the floor, Trample or Yippie Dog (Lola) will eat it. Why are dogs so gross?

Thanks for listening.

Purrs and Drool,


P.S. If you are looking for my mama, she is over on Scary Mommy today talking about how much she loves my human brother, the boy. I don’t know why she is there cause she is not scary at all.

I love Daddy's clothes.
I love Daddy’s clothes.

8 thoughts on “Floor-Poopin’ Cat Sister Probs

    1. Poor girl. A lot of them have worms when they are little. She will get better soon. Cats litter train quickly. She will stop wanting to go outside, too. Morris got over it in a week or so, and he hasn’t been out since.

  1. WHY DO THEY DO THIS!?! Of our 372 cats, we have one that refuses the most sanitized of brand new boxes, let alone one she has to share. Right beside it’s fine. Just not actually IN it. Which wouldn’t be so annoying if the same flippin’ cat didn’t sleep in the litter box!

    1. Dear Miss Chris,
      I have my reasons for my accidents, and you will learn of them next week when I reply to my brother’s accusations. Mother won’t let my blog post sooner because “pets only write on Mondays.” I may need to poop on her slippers again.
      Not Pot Head or Boo Boo

  2. I thought cats were supposed to be above crapping all over the house! Now I know I’ll never own one, so thanks for that! Lol. I have a 14 year old lab who just shits wherever she wants. Poor girl. I mean poor girl as in my wife, because she’s who has to clean it up most of the time since I’m always at work. Hahaha!

    1. Don, this was in spam. I think Boo Boo put it there. 🙂

      Your poor wife. We have a lab dane, who is 82 pounds of poop eating love. She was supposed to be my husband’s dog. Guess which work from home mom gets to care for her most of the time?

      I love cats.

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