Dog Murdering Hawthorn Tree


Hi Light Square People,

Sophie here. I’ve been embarrassed to talk about this, but since Mean Kitty already told you about the time I almost died, I figured I should probably tell you my side. As usual, Mean Kitty makes it sound like I’m just super stupid and decided to eat a poisonous tree. Um, no. That’s not how it happened.

Well, if you’ve read some of my other blogs, you know I like to chew stuff because it makes my teeth happy. Plus, it’s just something to do, you know? I’m home all day with boring Mama, cats, and an older dog that looks like a puppy (this still confuses me). Anyway, mama never plays with me because she is always staring at her light square, and kitties don’t really like to play. They just sleep, eat, and make motor or snake noises. They are super weird. Lola, my little dog older sister, plays with me, but she gets tired because she is like 70 in people time. So, a lot of times, I just sit and chew on something. I really like to chew on wood. I’ve chewed on a lot of wooden things in the house. Mama even got me a toy that was made of some kind of fake wood that I was allowed to chew on. I guess she didn’t like it when I left teeth marks on the dining room chairs.

I tried to eat the wall once.
I tried to eat the wall once.

I don’t just chew inside wood. Sometimes, I chew outside stuff, too. I have eaten some of the plants in my back yard. It’s OK though because Daddy made sure that he didn’t plant anything poisonous because he is a dog-loving kind of guy, and he knew I would probably chew on stuff. He forgot to check all of the trees though.

So, one day, like last fall, I was outside and I noticed this one tree that was different from the other trees in my yard. Most of the trees in my yard look like Christmas tress, but without the tasty ornaments and little blanket thing. This tree was really different, and it had pretty red berries on it. Red is usually a yummy color. Apples are red and I like them. So, I started nibbling at the tree a bit. Then, I went inside and had a cookie.

A little bit after that, Mama was sitting on the couch listening to people talk on the light square, and I was on the floor snoozing. My stomach started biting me and it woke me up. I went to the back door because I figured I had to poop, but Mama was just staring at the light square and didn’t see me. So, I just pooped all over the floor. Then, I walked a little bit and pooped again. I started to throw up, too. That’s when Mama noticed me. I had foamy stuff coming out of my mouth. She told me to go outside, and she called Daddy. Daddy came out to the back yard and put shorts on me because my butt was leaking. He put me in the car and took me to the doctor. I felt so sick at this point that someone had to carry me in to the doctor’s office.

I was so tired when I got home from the hospital.
I was so tired when I got home from the hospital.

I stayed in the hospital for like a really long time. I had all of these needles in me and bags of water stuff around me. I couldn’t eat food for days. I heard the doctor tell Mama and Daddy that she thought I was gonna cross the rainbow bridge because my tail wasn’t wagging like it usually does. But, the medicine worked and I’m still here.

While I was at the hospital, Mama was trying to figure out why I got so sick. First, she thought someone poisoned me. Then, she thought maybe I ate something outside. Daddy and the doctor told Mama that I just got into something and not to worry about it. Mama always worries though because she is a mama. One day, while she was looking around the back yard, she spotted that tree with the red berries and she just knew. See! She really is a witch.

Daddy took a piece of the tree to the plant store and they told him it was a Hawthorn tree. Hey, people and other dogs reading this, pay attention. Hawthorn trees are really bad for dogs. They are poisonous. Do not eat them, even if wood makes your teeth happy. Your tummy will be SO NOT happy. Plus, you could die. If my little older sister Lola had eaten some of that tree, she would have died because she is smaller than me.

This is the only safe wood to chew.
This is the only safe wood to chew.

So, I didn’t try to kill myself like Mean Kitty was saying. I just thought it was a good, normal tree and I wanted something to chew on. That tree isn’t in my yard anymore. Mama and Daddy had some guys take it out. You should make sure you don’t have one in your yard.

Thanks for reading this. If you like my blogs, leave me a comment. I will answer you.

Love and Sloppy Kisses,


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