D and C Lessons Learned

Last week, Monday was more craptastic than usual. Instead of going to work, I had to go to the outpatient surgery center for a D and C. Contrary to what your grandmother may have told you, that does not really stand for dusting and cleaning. It should be called a VUS (violent uterine scraping). While it did SUCK, I was happy to have a day off of work. I got to sleep until 10:00am on a Monday, so that was kind of cool. I forced myself to sleep in so that I didn’t have to kill a pet or family member during a fit of hanger. I had my last drink of water and my last bite of food at 11:45pm on Sunday night and I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink again until after my dreaded procedure. By the time I woke up at 10, I was a little irritable, as I already knew I would be. In addition to this little lesson, I also learned a few more things before, during, and after my D and C. It’s your lucky day because I will share them with you, just in case you or someone you have to co-habitat with needs a little tidying up in the baby holder.

Stay the hell off of Web MD. Seriously. No looking up your symptoms before the procedure itself. No matter what you read you will have cancer or some sort of rare parasite that will eat your blood vessels and make you speak Swahili.

Bitch session boards blow. Every asshole with a negative story is out there, posting it on multiple discussion boards. When I looked up Depo Provera, a treatment my doctor recommends for my condition, I found 5,678,932 posts about becoming fat and crazy. People blamed everything on Depo. I was waiting for some whacko to say, “I grew a rectal unicorn horn 13 seconds after my first shot. This makes sitting on my husband’s lap a felony in 37 states.” Let’s face it; people love to bitch online. Not many people want to post when all is normal and fine.

You are a pissing queen. Yes, you will likely need to abstain from food and water for 12 hours before your procedure. That won’t stop them from asking you for a urine sample to do a pregnancy test. They ALWAYS ask you to pee in a cup. You could be missing an arm and a leg, and somehow manage to crawl into the ER, leaving a trail of blood from the car to the sign in desk, and the nurse would say, “OK, we will be happy to stop that bleeding as soon as we get a urine sample.”

Fasting is not a good diet plan. There are people out there who fast to lose weight. Those people are morons. You know what I did as soon as I was allowed to eat 16 hours after my last meal? I ATE like a pig. And I kept eating, FOR DAYS, because I was STARVING.

The pussy parlor is closed. Don’t bother styling your pubes, or shaving them all off, or applying rhinestones to your outer labia, or anything vag beauty related. Your surgeon and the staff have seen it all, and legally they are not allowed to Instagram your nether regions. You will be on a gurney, not a shiny pole or a .com.

Afternoons CAN be a delight. I used to always schedule procedures for the early morning hours because of the dreaded fasting. I might have mentioned that I tend to get a little hangry. My D and C was scheduled for 1:30 in the afternoon. I dreaded it because I thought I would starve to death. The time actually worked out well because my blood sugar was so low by the time we got to the surgery center that I didn’t have the energy to be nervous.

Let the nerves flow. Sometimes, you’re just going to shake like a fish with Parkinsons, and that’s fine. (Cranky people, it’s OK. Michael J. Fox would totally laugh at that if he read my blog.) Dr. Feelgood the anesthesiologist will give you a happy shot and it will all fade away.

It ain’t tequila, toots. You may be able to do shots with the fellas and not barf, but you will slur and repeat yourself and stumble from anesthesia. You will also not be able to spell or punctuate properly. Don’t write anything for at least 5 days. Just don’t. No one is stronger than whatever is in that mask and IV combo.

Accidents happen. The couch is your friend. Just stay there. Hold a cat if it helps to keep you seated. Stairs are not your friend. Stay away from them.

The Poo Choo Choo derails. I have IBS and I usually poop 4 times a day. Seriously, I am the type of person who gets the runs if it is 5 degrees too hot outside or my internet goes out. So, constipation is not usually an issue. Not usually. When I have surgery, my system just SHUTS DOWN. When this happened last week, I drank a big glass of gritty Miralax and that did absolutely NOTHING. So, I called in the troops. I sent my husband out to buy liquid glycerin suppositories. In case you are lucky enough to not be familiar with them, glycerin suppositories are like dynamite for your ass.  You might as well yell “FIRE IN THE HOLE!” when you insert one. And you should really insert these on your own, while you are no more than 14 centimeters from the throne. You do NOT WANT TO walk after using them. They work. QUICKLY.

Thank you for reading this. As you can tell, I’m still a little loopy from that mask/IV cocktail on Monday. I understand if you want to stop following my blog now. I usually don’t write about uterine scrapings and poop on the same day. Hey, at least there aren’t pictures. Seriously, I need to read this piece again and again since I’m one of those lucky women who needs a “dusting and cleaning” every 4 years or so. Good times.

 Leave me a comment. Tell me about your awesome medical experiences. After what I shared with you, you should have no shame about anything, really.





12 thoughts on “D and C Lessons Learned

  1. OH MY!!!! Am glad you feel better enough to write, but oh my poor internet friend!! YIKES. I hate looking up symptoms and experiences online. It is addicting, but oh my gosh, not even helpful. There was a character in an Anne story, I always remember when I am sick and looking things up. She was feverish and not sleeping, looked up symptoms in an old medical journal, discovered she probably had a combination of scarlet fever and some other major disease, closed the book, and slept like a top! May you rest and your body treat you gently!
    http://quirkykorners.weebly.com/im-alive/rites-of-passage I need to figure out how to move this over to my normal blog stuff….

    1. It’s good to know that people like me existed before Web MD. Actually, I remember when I was pregnant, and spotting during pregnancy, I used to scare myself with that damn What to Expect When You’re Expecting book. It was like Web MD in bound form.

      I’m off to read your blog. Thanks for posting.

  2. Oh Lord! I’m having symptoms just reading this! They are totally sympathetic as I had a hysterectomy in 2001! Now I have to drag my imaginary uterus around ALL DAY!

  3. After spending some time at the hospital myself, I couldn’t help thinking a few of these myself. I was on an IV for three days when I had gastritis and I couldn’t help wondering if I was going to overflow that container they put in the toilet just when my male nursing assistant got on duty. My favorite line by far was growing a rectal unicorn horn. I’d love to use that some day, and I promise attribution/credit. Glad you are feeling better, and happy that I got to read this!

    1. Whitney, I’m so glad you are on the mend. I know you have been through hell with your health issues lately. You can use “rectal unicorn horn” as much as you want.

  4. I’m so glad I had a hysterectomy several years ago and don’t have to deal with this nonsense. Of course, now I get to deal with mood swings, hot flashes, and intermittent crazy crying for no reason – but at least not a dusting and cleaning!

    1. Jana, I DREAM of having a hysterectomy. I want it all out, ovaries, too, but my doctor is one of those let’s take it slowly kinds. As long as I am not in pain, I will go along with her.

  5. OMG!! I was googling to see if I could have a glass of wine tonight (another torture aspect…no wine!), before my VUS tomorrow morning @ 10a, and going this article!! Loved this article…rectal unicorn horn and all!! Definitely following your recommendations. Better safe than sorry, I say! 😉

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