Go F Off, Go Fund Me.

My head is going to explode if I see ONE MORE Go Fund Me request on the interwebs. There are approximately 8,435,927 requests for cash daily. Seriously. It’s getting super annoying. EVERYONE has a Go Fund Me for something. Some Go Fund Me requests are legit. Unexpected and tragic expenses warrant a Go Fund Me. Most other things do not. For most of them, I want to say, “Go F yourself!” Here are just a few examples of Go Fund Me posts I have seen on Facebook, along with my silent in my head only responses. I DO filter myself sometimes.


My loved one died suddenly and I need help with expenses.

Yes. Unexpected death can bring unexpected expenses. It happened in our family when my little brother died at age 35. My step mother was not prepared for this emotionally or financially. So, someone started a Go Fund Me for her.


My loved one died and I want to buy a brick, statue, etc with his or her name on it.

No. What the hell kind of nonsense is this? What is a piece of cement going to do for anyone?


My loved one died and I want to donate to a foundation that helps to prevent deaths like this.

Yes. This is actually useful. It could help other families avoid the tragedy you experienced.


I want to be a model and need to pay $3, 457 to have professional pictures taken.

Nope. Have your boyfriend take pictures and use Photoshop or iPhoto to edit them. Send them to agents. In other words, do the work yourself.


My kid is going to New York City on a field trip and I need $2,459.62 to send her.

Nope. I didn’t get my jollies the night your child was conceived, so I’m not obligated to pay for your kid’s field trips, or anything else. The kids should have a car wash or sell cupcakes to raise money like we did back in the day.


My kid is raising money to help other kids with cancer.

Yes. Absolutely. And give your kid a hug from me. Also, you are an amazing parent.


I’m writing a book and I want to publish and promote it. Can you help me with some cash? 

Nope. I’m writing a book, too. I would love for other people to fund my creative endeavors. I dream of spending my days writing and napping like Stephen King. You know what I do instead? I work a full time job and a part time job so that my family can eat and stuff. Buck up, drink some coffee, and write in the early morning like I always plan to do but never actually do.


I have a cyst in my brain and I need an expensive operation that my insurance won’t cover, or I don’t have insurance.

Yes. This is happening to a friend of mine right now. I will gladly donate to his fund.


I’m a musician and I need money to record an album.

Nope. You know how you could get money to record an album? Get a fucking job. It’s what my son and his band mates did.


I have cancer and I can’t work. I need help with my medical expenses and my bills.

Yes. No one chooses to have cancer, even if they smoke like a locomotive. Working while that ill can be impossible.


My daughter is raising money to donate to our local animal shelter.

Yes. So many animals are homeless because douchenozzles out there insist on buying animals from breeders or breeding their own animals. Stop being a dumbass and get pets spayed and neutered, and adopt from shelters instead of breeders. We don’t need to breed more pets.

Ugh. I am very passionate about animals, as you can tell.

I think you get the point. I’m not going to fund anyone’s creative dreams or useless piece of concrete. I’m not going to help someone else’s kid go on a trip.  I have my own kid that I take care of. I would help a sick friend in need or a foundation that helps people and animals.


What about you? Have you contributed to a Go Fund Me? What made you want to contribute? Have you seen any RIDICULOUS Go Fund Mes?

Let me hear from you in the comments section.


27 thoughts on “Go F Off, Go Fund Me.

  1. I agree, there are so many silly requests out there — but I will support artists, writers, musicians. Even with full-time jobs, creating art — and publishing/promoting it without a publishing house’s $$$ behind you is incredibly expensive. Also, the way I look at it, whatever money I give it going direct to the artist. You’ve published — you know how much you get per book from Amazon. I’d rather give the money direct to the writer/musician/artist/creator. But yeah “Fund my trip to Paris?” Go Fuck yourself.

    1. Helena, You are right. We should support artists more. I do support my son’s band, and I buy books from indy authors like myself. I would LOVE if people gave me money to just write. I think most of the reason that I don’t sell many books is because I don’t have the time or the sales skills to promote myself. And, shit, I was going to ask you for money to go to Paris. I guess I will just go back to EPCOT. 🙂

  2. I think that Go Fund Me can be incredibly useful for people — my cousin kept falling (he thought it was because of his Parkinson’s Disease), but when he went to have it checked out, they found a brain tumor and had to operate immediately. He had insurance — but like many people today, it was a high deductible plan, with a $7500 deductible. His son started a Go Fund Me and was able to raise his deductible and extra to pay or the in-home nursing care he would need when/if he made it home. But I agree with you on the nonsensical requests. If people are going to be raising money from total strangers for stupid shit, I think I’ll create one to have a tummy tuck or face lift — or perhaps a trip overseas. 🙂

    1. Exactly, Jana. We have a friend who has a brain cyst. She is having an operation next month and it will be incredibly expensive. I share her Go Fund Me on my Facebook page a lot. In some cases, it is a great tool.

  3. I have a cousin who is morbidly obese. His wife is even more morbidly obese. Like 800 pounds obese. They have been like this for years and years. He enables her and she cries til he goes out and buys her junk food. They live in a house that has a pool. I’m not sure if they rent or if it was bought by her mother…Whatever.. the decking needs to be replace to accommodate her weight. 3000 dollars approx. So he started a Go Fund Me begging for help. Its been up for over 3 months and all they have raised is 1090. He periodically reposts it on facebook pleading that its the only way for her to exercise to get healthy. First of all, we live in Canada and have at most 3 months of swimming outdoors weather and second I want to scream “PUT THE FUCKING FORK DOWN!”. Like are ya kidding me?? There are people who like you say have no insurance, lost everything, very ill, pick your tragedy, who are far more deserving.

    Last year my niece, this guys sisters kid wanted Ellen to fund her parents a new vehicle because her moms car caught on fire and they couldn’t afford to replace it. Again, was there no insurance? and if so, how irresponsible is THAT? They both work but her daughter thought nothing of begging for money publicly.

    The whole thing makes me cringe too! It’s embarrassing to be related to people like this. But I think it’s a sign of the times in that people are all about what can the world do for me, rather than having the attitude of what can I OFFER the world.

    1. Cathy,
      I laughed out loud reading this. Then, I read it to my husband and he laughed. YES! Put the fucking fork down. I would be more likely to donate if he were going to buy a treadmill. GEEZ. They can WALK to get exercise. A pool in Canada!? Thanks for posting.

      1. hhhooollllyyyyy cow that was great!! both replies.. I hate the frivolous GFMs as well. I do actually have 2 my husband created for us. 1 frivolous but for all the things weve been through, not entirely.. the 2. is for our kitten who is 8 weeks old and is legit in surgery to save her life.. her total expenses are estimated at around 4k 😦 we have raised almost 1900 and were able to get her into surgery with the help of grants and some really cool friends willing to put up a couple hundred dollars until we could give them the gfm money back.. sadly her bills are still not entirely covered and its hard.. its hard when you live pay check to pay check and are trying to fix all the crap from teenage years and u dont catch a break.. Its definitely a sad day when the world puts its hand out for everything or thinks ppl owe them something just for existing. ppdffffttt please!! ive worked 2-3 jobs since i was 14 (im 32) my husband served his country and got left behind by the VA and now is pretty much falling the fuck apart on me.. my kitten is dying and these little assholes want ME to stop in the middle of the road so they can jay walk.. nope.. walk ur lazy ass to a crosswalk where its illegal to hit u.. otherwise.. “opps officer.. i thought it was a trashcan.. i didnt have time to swerve..” hahahaha

        any way i was actually scrolling through the interwebs 😉 to try and fine good resources to help save my kitty and came across your page. If you happen to kno any one who might want to try and help save her I would be forever grateful. I will just put the link, not in a pushy way but i saw you stated you were an animal lover (to the OP) and I honestly at such a crucial point in all of this, its the “what can it hurt” stage.. lol so thank you for the laugh, i totally agree with alllllllll of ur yess’s and no’s and i would donate to the treadmill too… but no.. if ur fat for food that shits ur fault not mine.. lol

  4. My parents did a Go Fund Me for their trip to see my brother. They were hoping to meet their youngest granddaughter. They had airline vouchers but couldn’t afford the rental car, gas, etc. They are buried under medical bills from my mom’s fibro and their crappy employer-provided insurance. Also, my grandmother was going with them because she’s never met her great-granddaughters, either. We figured that maybe some of our more financially secure relatives would throw a couple bucks their way. I think they raised maybe $500. It was so awkward sharing it on Facebook and asking my friends to share. They never did, of course, not even my aunt who mooches off of this same grandma all the time and is a BIG reason that my grandma has no money (a whole other issue, ugh). So yeah. Family’s hard.

    1. I have learned that my family is always the least helpful when I need help. I am lucky to have some good friends, though.

    2. No offense. We all have problems. My husband works 40 hours a week, takes care of me (MS), takes care of my dad (terminal lung cancer), and my two kids. We make it barely financially but we survive. What we dont do is ..,. fucking beg people for their money. Everyone has issues. Don’t be a money-sucking parasite.

      1. Exactly!! There are a lot of people who are struggling financially out there. We don’t all ask for money.

        I hope things get better for you and your family.

  5. It is discouraging for people like myself, to see GoFundMe campaigns that don’t address a need but rather wants. All my life I have given to others in need, from a homeless man to a single mom who lost her job right before Christmas and needed money to pay for basic living expenses. I believe we should all only take what we “need”, any wants are on us.

    That being said…. Lisa you are a friend and this particular blog hit direct center for me as you know. My campaign efforts haven’t progressed the way I had hoped however I have learned that there are some phenomenal people in the world. I have backed off my campaign because to keep asking with little results can be discouraging and I know everyone has their own struggles. Plus, there are so many asking for help that it desensitizes the masses… but I digress.

    1. Karen,
      Your cause is legit. That is why I shared it here and will continue to share it. I’m thinking of you. Let us know what else you need.

  6. so confused by this site. I know it has done good things, but I won’t even look at it since one of my friends created a page to help finance him as he follows his dream of being an artist. he is a good artist and has a website and markets himself all the time on fb and ebay and amazon…I couldn’t understand why he thought the ‘go fund me’ venue fit his criteria. or the girl who wanted a prom dress…or vacations somewhere…..does this site not have criteria? how does their walk of life fit these dire straights? I don’t get it.

    1. I love how you mentioned Walk of Life and Dire Straits, Kris. Loved it!! I agree with you. There are legit causes and then there are lazy people who think we are all stupid. Thanks for commenting! Lisa

  7. I loved this article! I have a coworker from the emergency room going thru breast cancer. We started a fund for her. Several people wanting to donate couldn’t find it because of all the bs ones….my kid wants to go band camp, even one to pay for a honeymoon. R u joking? They need up criteria for this…medical emergency, house burnt down etc. I would ask someone to pay for a trip.

    1. Hi Amy,

      There were five versions of this comment in my spam box. So, I just picked this one to reply to. I hate that people had a hard time finding the real Go Fund Me. That is why I hate the fake ones. How is your coworker doing?

      1. Yes I was having trouble posting for some reason…so sorry! She has just had second round chemo…..people r still asking me how to find the fund…..

  8. I agree with your article. I started a GFM page to see if I could get help with my first semester of nursing school because the income from my full time job doesn’t cover it and I have two minor children at home, one of who is disabled. I am not eligible for loans/grants due to the way the school counted the course credits. I have NEVER asked for help privately much less publicly and it was very painful to post the GFM page on my FB page. I have relatives that are more that just well off that I hoped would donate at least something….nope. You know who donated? My adult daughter, whom is also working while putting herself through nursing school. It was not like I was asking for help because I am lazy or because I want something frivolous. I am trying to better my circumstances for myself AND my children, one who will need my income all his life.

    1. Mrs. Perkins, That is the issue with Go Fund Me. There are SO MANY GFM’s that people get tired of seeing them and they don’t contribute to the legit ones. I have a friend who is having a cyst removed from her brain. She has a GFM and it has not earned anywhere near what she needs for the surgery.

      If you are on Twitter, maybe you should tweet out your GFM with the nurse hashtag. Nurses are very much in the news thanks to the View ladies. 🙂

      Take care,

  9. There are no unexpected events in life. We are all dying from the day we are born, buy life insurance. We all get sick, buy health insurance. Chances are we might all be out of work at some point do to illness, buy disability insurance. Don’t have kids you can’t afford, don’t go to college unless you can afford it, and if grandma wants to meet the little one before she passes, let someone put in a few hours over overtime or take a seasonal job! I am not cold hearted, i give to chairties, but only in 3rd world countries where there is real poverty. In this country there is medical aid, food stamps, section 8 housing, day care, subsidized housing for the elderly, college for single mothers and the poor, there are food banks and charities that give free clothing and furniture, the government provides free cell phones, and now free internet, and job training. Tell me what basic NEEDS I am already not meeting for my fellow citizens via the huge federal tax taken out of my pay every month??? I’m sick of people who want living expenses for a year so they can follow their dreams, a couple who have lived together for 10 years and need money for their dream wedding, the couple who are not even married but need money for invetro!!!! I understand medical expenses can build up even with insurance both of my adult children have experienced this…I also know you can make small monthly payments until the debt is paid, you don’t NEED nor should you expect anyone else to pay for you. We would all be better served giving to established charities that have been thoroughly vetted, and letting them assess an individual’s true needs.

    1. I totally understand, Kim. In my adult life, I have never asked anyone for money. I have not been on any government assistance as an adult. As a kid, we were on HUD and food stamps. I am not someone who would have a Go Fund Me. I have donated to illness related Go Fund Mes, though.

  10. I’m getting tired of seeing GoFundMe period, but I’m really getting tired of seeing GoFundMe campaigns for weddings and honeymoons.
    If you can’t afford a wedding, go to the courthouse. If you can’t afford your honeymoon, scale down. Yes most people will get you a gift but it’s incredibly tacky to ask them to help pay for your wedding or honeymoon. I’m also sick of honeymoon registries, but that’s another story.
    And for college?! Student loans. If you can’t get scholarships, get student loans. Yes, you’ll pay interest, but I will never understand why you’d rather have your hand out than pay for your own college.
    When you invest in your own future you appreciate it more. That’s the truth. No one else is responsible for paying for your college.

    1. Heather,

      Do you hear me clapping? Yes!! Live within your means. I wore a prom dress for my first wedding. It was $99. We had hors-d’oeuvres only. I worked FT and went to college. I never asked anyone for money.

      Thanks for posting!


  11. The bigger question is – when did we become such an entitled and arrogant society that we go around begging and asking for money for anything. Unexpected or not, adults are responsible for their own expenses and lives – that includes insurances – health, life, house and otherwise. … why is it my job to fund other people’s irresponsible behaviour and lack of adult planning…and when did people become brazen enough to ask me to??

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