54 Sorta Free Band Names

Rock on!
Rock on!

If you know us in real life or on the social interwebs, you know that my husband and I are dorks. We understand this and own it with pride. So, as nerds, we have our own little inside jokes and games. One of them is coming up with band names. Now, these band names have come up naturally in conversations. We don’t sit down and TRY to create band names. If we did, they would probably suck. Since these come up naturally, without much thought at all, they are awesome. Anyway, here are the names we have come up with so far:

  1. Just a Cookie
  2. Big Girls and Scrappy Guys
  3. Dog Water
  4. Redneck Jeremy
  5. Bright Nurses
  6. Jenny and a Milk Dud
  7. Pleasant Pineapple
  8. My Little Buzzer
  9. Rocket Snatch
  10. Burping Tartar Sauce
  11. Old White Undies
  12. Corporate Cannabis
  13. Pretending to Care
  14. Incredibly Silent
  15. Two Freaky Virgos
  16. Drunken Barefoot Bike Ride
  17. One-Eared Lola
  18. White Lennon
  19. Purple Phoenix
  20. Elephant Culture
  21. Nine Piles of Excrement
  22. Shitload of Sunflowers
  23. Too Late for Church
  24. Sappy Girl
  25. Harmless Snot
  26. Happy Pussy
  27. Scooter Brigade
  28. Coal-Eyed Drunk
  29. Some Kinda Muffins
  30. Late Day Coffee
  31. Third World Appeal
  32. Mr. Rickets
  33. Shaky Biscuit
  34. Consistent Annoyance
  35. Unnatural Water
  36. Colored Water
  37. Chasing Wine
  38. Running From Trash
  39. Snot Fuckers
  40. Girls on a Rail
  41. The Full-On Liquid Squirts
  42. Stink-Eye Road
  43. Gothy Cross
  44. Cheaper Than Gas
  45. Other People’s Piss
  46. Chasing the Sun
  47. Manual Material Movement
  48. No Business Wearing Spandex
  49. Gypsy Shotgun Wedding
  50. Side-Stepping Grandma
  51. Gimped Out
  52. Greasy Autograph
  53. Star Snatch
  54. Internal Dice

If you are in a band, and need a good name, feel free to use any of our creations. Just send us a royalty check every month. After all, we are creative geniuses and all. If you have any good band names, leave them in the comments. We could start a band naming business together. I bet it would get us on the Today Show.   Matt Lauer, are you reading this?

10 thoughts on “54 Sorta Free Band Names

    1. Sidestepping Grandma is an acoustic Bluegrass band out of Kentucky, but you probably knew that already. 🙂

      Rape Van Winkle is brilliant!

      1. As always you, you make me laugh! If you and Chris are dorks, I’m a total dork too!y favorite is Pretend You Care,
        as I look through the person who is being an asshole, eyes! I want to say these things, but don’t, but you do! Dork 3

  1. I’m pretty sure my favorite is Pretending to Care. Although I’m kinda disappointed that Jerks for Jesus didn’t make the list. I understand that it now has a strong reference to Kim Davis due to your recent HuffPo piece (thereby lessening is appeal) but I still think it stands on its own as a worthy band name.

  2. You should really give the same offer to paint companies. I would absolutely paint a room with, Shitloads of Sunflowers. It sounds like a real nice color for a bedroon. And Burping Tartar Sauce sounds like the perfect shade for a more sophisticated living room.

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