Type A is Awesome!

There seems to be a sloppy mom trend on social media and I don’t like it. People are posting memes saying things like “A messy home equals happy children” and other such nonsense. Being disorganized, sloppy, and lazy has become something to boast about. Mothers who are neat, organized, and productive are referred to as cold or bitchy. I have had enough of this nonsense. I am a neat freak mom, and I’m here to tell you it’s called Type A because A lot of Amazing things start with A.

A is the best grade you can get in school.

You want to eat grade-A food.

Boarding line A on Southwest Airlines is the only way to get a non claustrophobia inducing seat.

Size A boobs don’t flop around when you jog.

Come on over to Knot So Subtle to read the rest. Look for me in the Laughing Section.

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