Bankrupt, Divorced and Living on Fingerhut

About sixteen years ago, I was going through a divorce, had just filed bankruptcy, and I was a single mom.  I was also dating the creepiest man ever.  It’s like my brain shut down or something.

Because my credit history was completely screwed, I could not get any credit cards. For a period of time, I could not even open a checking account. But I COULD get credit at Fingerhut. For those of you who have never been truly desperate, Fingerhut is a company that jacks up their prices and charges a lot of interest, but they will give credit to ANYONE. So, in the midst of my divorce, I was able to get a really overpriced rice steamer and some other crap I probably didn’t need. Score!

Come on over to Knot So Subtle and read about the dark times in my life.





2 thoughts on “Bankrupt, Divorced and Living on Fingerhut

  1. I got a credit card in the 80’s. I had great fun with it and paid it off every month, promptly. I finally got a call from my dad (I was lucky, we had a phone in our dorm room, but we still had to dial with those LONG numbered phone cards). When I told him I was careful about paying the card, he quietly asked me how I was paying for it. My lovely ‘golden’ plastic ticket was taken away from me when he learned I was paying for it with the credit card. Silly dad!

    1. That is awesome, Kris! You were robbing Peter to pay Paul, or however that Bible story goes. I’m far from a Bible scholar. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

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