Facebook Family Feud

Nice perm , dork!

Long ago, back in the days before high speed Wi-Fi or even dial up, there was a time when we hardly ever saw our extended families.  Maybe, we would see them once every few years for a holiday, or maybe for a wedding or funeral.  Other than that, the only time we communicated with them was via Christmas card or rare phone call.  I miss that time.

Now, we have Facebook to keep us connected with EVERYONE 24/7.  There are some good sides to Facebook.  It’s great for high school reunions and for forming neighborhood groups.  It’s also good for finding work related groups.  For writers, it is one of the best ways to interact with other writers and find new readers.  So, it does have its purposes.

On the other hand, it has some really bad points.  We just get too much information about friends and family.  I’m not talking about when they go to the gym or what they ate for lunch.  I’m talking about things like the fact that they support Donald Trump for president.  I could also do without knowing that a lot of people credit prayer for any successful surgery.  Why even go to the doctor if God is so good? It was SO MUCH better when I just didn’t know these things.

Most of the time I grit my teeth and move on, or get the heck off of Facebook and do something productive.  SOMETIMES, I speak my mind.  This usually ends up beginning a family feud, and not the fun game show kind.  I’m not alone in this. I have witnessed my share of other people’s feuds and they always fit into one of these categories.

Sibling “Love” – This is when siblings obviously don’t like each other, but attempt to post “just kidding” statuses.

“You always reminded me of a baby rhino.  Smiley face.”

“I always knew where my brother was by the trail of boogers on the wall.  Lol.”

Vote Cancellation – I’m one of three Democrats in my family, so I see this one a lot.

“I voted for Trump because my stupid, libtard sister prolly voted for that Jewish guy.  I’m not racist. I just want to make America great again, like Nazi Germany was.”

Outing the Awkward – Sometimes family members post “favorite” pictures of each other.  In this case, favorite means heinous.

“Here’s my favorite picture of my lovely sister.  Doesn’t she look great with headgear?”

Because Jesus – For some folks, faith is more important than being loving and supportive to family.

“I don’t approve of your gayness because I love the lord. I don’t hate you; I hate the sin. Prayers.”

Mom Says – I know parents say they don’t have favorites, but they usually do.  The favorite sibling usually KNOWS this, too.

“These bar pictures that you post all the time are the reason mom doesn’t invite you to dinner.  Mom said she wonders how you ever got married with those teeth. You should’ve worn your headgear more.”

Fugly Fortune – When parents or grandparents die, there is usually some kind of argument over the inheritance.

“Did you buy that new car with that money you stole from me?”

“Grandpa wanted ME to have his Joan Rivers egg collection.”

Pregnant Again – In a lot of families, there is always that one person who just won’t stop branching the family tree.

“We are throwing a baby shower for my sister and her latest baby daddy.  If you gave her a gift at the last four showers don’t bother buying anything.”

I know you all have seen these special arguments on Facebook. You may have even had these arguments.  How could you not when everyone’s thoughts and opinions are in your face all of the time.  I think this is why Zuckerberg chose to call it FACEbook.  Have you seen any that do not fit into one of the categories above? Let me hear from you in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “Facebook Family Feud

    1. I would LOVE to quit Facebook. LOVE it. But I manage a page for work, my volunteer zoo group, and my own page. So, I’m on EVERY day.

  1. Omfg do I have one for you!! lol
    My cousin’s car caught on fire while she was driving it. (Can you say “maintenance?”) Her daughter figured the best way to help her mother was to try getting Ellen to notice and thought nothing of publicly begging everyone friends and family alike on Facebook to try and get her “cause” trending on twitter. I told her she ought to be ashamed of herself for publicly begging when both her parents held jobs and that a car wasn’t a necessity and why was her mother driving without insurance to begin with? She flipped on me and did a little rage flounce and blocked me but not before telling me I’d see them on Ellen yet. Yea…so THAT didn’t happen. lol What the hell is wrong with people that lack of a car rates up there with dying children getting their last wish via shows like Ellen?

    1. Cathy,
      People are warped. You were right to speak your mind. If she had maintained her car, it would not have caught on fire. I rarely get a chance to watch Ellen, but I’m betting she would reject this “cause.”


  2. “Because Jesus” Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! My older brother posts racist memes right after he shares his pastor’s posts. His black pastor’s posts. When I called him on it, he told me the pastor had a great sense of humor! He I friended our cousin because she criticized his spelling – or lack thereof.

    1. Denise, are we related? I have a few racist relatives who claim to love Jesus. They also can’t spell or use punctuation. I’m thinking they don’t read much. 🙂 Lisa

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