Finter, Winter, Sprinter, and Summer, oh my!

Boo Boo knows how to keep warm.
Boo Boo knows how to keep warm.

I can remember sitting on the patio of a restaurant in Cape Coral, Florida, saying goodbye to local friends and colleagues before my husband, son, and I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana. I felt pretty good about the move. South Florida had gotten gritty, crowded, and nothing like it was when I was growing up there. I knew it would be cold up north, but I also knew there would not be tourists or as much traffic. I knew prices would be lower. After all, we were buying a house that was twice as big as our Florida home for LESS money.

One of my Florida friends, a bridesmaid in my wedding and fellow teacher, warned me about the cold. She was originally from New York and told me that my nose would constantly run and bleed all winter. She also told me I would never feel warm, no matter how many layers I put on. I rolled my eyes. I worked from home. I would just crank up the heat. No big deal. HA! You were right, M.

As I mentioned in Bite Me Polar Vortex, winter was cute when we first moved to Fort Wayne. There were deer in our backyard since our house was near the woods. The snow was like glitter. It was almost like Santa himself would appear on our lawn, which was buried under glitter, at any moment.

My new neighbors told me how wonderful it was to have four seasons, and how they could not imagine living in Florida. I looked forward to these four seasons I had always learned about in school: winter, spring, summer, and fall. I soon learned, that the seasons have different names when you are a Floridian.


This is truly my favorite time of the year because it is very Florida-like. A couple of years ago, temperatures in the Midwest got up to 100. I LOVED IT. Even though I hate reptiles, I must be one. There is nothing better than hot rock weather. So, from about mid-May until the beginning of September, I am OK with going outside.


Most people call this season “fall” or “autumn.” Really, for a southern person, it’s just winter light, or finter. It’s cold, windy and dreary. It even tends to snow in late October. UCK! The leaves are pretty, but finter still sucks.


This is by far my least favorite time of the year. I now understand why Pagans started having winter festivals and celebrations hundreds of years ago. It was to keep people from committing suicide. Winter is dark and cold and just all around miserable.


People like to think that spring begins at the end of March. It does not. Up here in Yankee land, the leaves do not grow back and flowers do not bloom until at least May. Early spring is still winter-like. It’s the time of year when you can get pinged in the head with freezing rain, hail, or sleet.  I still don’t know the difference. I just know that it’s hard and cold and miserable.

So, what are the seasons like where you live? Are you lucky enough to live in Florida, Southern California or Hawaii? Feel free to tell me all about how warm it is. I promise not to hate you. : )

Great Dane Lab
Sophie is the only one who is dumb enough to like winter.

4 thoughts on “Finter, Winter, Sprinter, and Summer, oh my!

  1. I am no longer lucky enough to live in South Florida and am back in Northern Virginia – which is still good. Our winters aren’t as harsh as yours I presume but they sucked pretty bad this season. It’s almost April and it’s still cold and ucky – wtf? What does Mother Nature think she’s doing? We need to protest and retaliate. I want my heat! As long as I can be half naked (tank and skirt) I can tolerate the heat – the key is minimal movement that’s why I like it. As long as I can move slowly and conserve energy, I can enjoy the heat – winter is the opposite, you have to move a lot to stay warm. That’s why I stay indoors with heat and hibernate. 🙂 Happy Friday Lisa! -Iva

    1. Iva, I so miss Florida during the winter, sprinter, and finter. I would be willing to live under the dome if it were constantly warm. I was referring to the show and book called Under the Dome. If you haven’t read it or seen it, that comment made no sense.
      Anyway. Have a great weekend! I hope it’s a warm one for you.

  2. I really love this… and I am an indigenous life form… I like the article… the “seasons..” not so much!! I’ve been kind of busy lately… preoccupied in thought… now there’s a word I try not to use too often… most “retirees” have given up thought like it will kill them or something. Its nice to still have places where thoughts are as good as currancy… oh wait… currency is speech now… I saw that on the news… is it still “news?” See… thinking is bad!!1 Great article!

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