The Prayer Team Talk

Since I work from home, I eat lunch with my son almost every day. Yesterday, we were sitting at the kitchen table having sandwiches and chips when I decided to ask him about something I heard recently that had me confused.

Me: Hey, have you ever heard of a prayer team?

Son: Prayer TEAM?

Me: Yep. She said team.

Son: No.

Me: I have a lot of questions about a prayer team.

Son: Like?

Me: What kind of jerseys do they wear?  Do they have cheerleaders? Are there referees?

Son: [shaking his head no]

Me: Is there a championship where prayer teams battle it out for God’s response? Does the winning team get a trophy? Do they pour Gatorade over the prayer coach’s head? There would have to be a coach, right?

Son: No, mom. You’ve got it all wrong.

Me: No coach?

Son: No. A prayer team is not an athletic team.

Me: OK

Son:  You know how your husband always refers to his coworkers as his team?  A prayer team works in an office.

[He gets up and points to an imaginary PowerPoint presentation on the wall.]

Son: [using his best corporate manager voice] TEAM!  As you can see, our prayers are down 30% this quarter.  Now, I want everyone on their knees the rest of the week.  We need to get these numbers up.

I laughed and took a sip of my Diet Coke.

Son: [sitting down at the table] Then, I’d probably get sued for sexual harassment for telling my coworkers to get on their knees.

I’m still recovering from shooting Diet Coke out of my nose.

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