Confusing Matt Lauer News

I turn on the Today show at 7 every morning.  I do this right after spoon feeding my old Maltese and making coffee.  It has been a part of my morning routine for over 12 years, ever since I began working from home.  When I turned on the TV today, the first thing I saw was Matt Lauer’s picture with the word “fired” under it. There were other words, but “fired” was the one that caught my eye. I smiled.  This had to be a joke.  I checked my calendar to see if maybe I had finally hibernated through the cold, gray winter and it was now April 1.

Nope. I knew it was real when Savannah and Hoda reported the news with held back tears in their eyes. I stared in shock.

Some friends of mine said they were not shocked at all. I was.  How did I miss Matt’s creep factor? As a card-carrying member of the sexual abuse survivors club, I pride myself on being able to spot sickos.  I usually notice these things. It’s in their eyes.  For example, Charley Rose has “I sit on park benches with my fly open” eyes. It was just obvious to me.  I never saw that in Matt Lauer.

I posted on my personal Facebook page about it, asking, “Did he have an affair or was he grabbing boobs and butts?”  One of my friends replied that it shouldn’t matter what he did because it was inappropriate either way.  True. Both are inappropriate activities for the workplace, but in my ever so humble opinion, a consensual affair is a divorceable offense, not a fireable one.  My father was fired from a TV station in the 70’s for having an affair with a co-worker.  It’s not the 70’s anymore.  On the other hand, if Matt was groping co-workers, it is good that he was fired.  If he was offering some sort of gain for having sex with him, then it is great that he is gone.  If he was telling dirty jokes, viewing pornography or doing anything else to create a hostile and uncomfortable work environment, then good riddance.  I just hope that NBC actually investigated this claim before just letting him go.

No matter the reason, I will miss seeing Matt Lauer every morning. I loved his interviews.  I always said that if I did something wrong and Matt Lauer wanted to interview me, I would go into hiding.  That man did not accept any BS responses from people.  I about fell off my chair laughing with glee when he interviewed Vice President Pence about the violent protest in Charlottesville and how there were “good people on both sides.”

Now, people may interview Matt in the same way he interviewed others.  They will put him on the spot, make him uncomfortable, try to trip him up.  I will be watching when this happens. I want to see what Matt has to say.

What do you think about Matt Lauer? Are you a Lauer lover like I was, or are you on team saw this coming a mile away?  Let me hear from you in the comments.



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