U2, You Two?

So, I was the “responsible adult” who accompanied my husband to his colonoscopy on Monday.  Unfortunately, my husband’s appointment was at 2 in the afternoon.  This was tough for him because he could only “eat” clear liquids for two days.  It was tough for me because I am not an afternoon person.  If I lived a life of riches and leisure, I would nap every day at 2:00. That is when my brain naturally just SLOWS down.

When my husband’s procedure was completed, I met him in the consultation room to talk to the doctor.  The doctor explained the results and that we would hear from him when the “pathology comes back.”  So, we shook hands and began our walk to the door.  As we were walking, the doctor was walking behind us and asked us what I thought was a really strange question.

“Did you two make another album?”

Um.  My afternoon brain was confused by this question.  I answered, “Oh, you don’t want to hear us sing.”

My husband immediately agreed with me, stating we could not sing at all.  Now, he was recently shot up with a big dose of Fentanyl.  I had no such excuse.

The doctor then pointed to my husband’s U2 sweatshirt, the same one he had been wearing ALL DAY.  I looked at him with my need a nap eyes, and said, “OH! You didn’t mean us! I thought you had us confused with another couple.”

Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t give me a sobriety test right there.  I certainly was a confused “responsible adult.”

On our drive home, my husband and I agreed that we are way more a Captain and Tennille singing couple than a Sonny and Cher type.

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