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Lessons Learned from a Facebook Break

Recently, I took a ten-day break from Facebook.  It was supposed to be a month long break but I had to keep logging back in to use Goodreads, Uber, and the 97,000 other apps I have linked to Facebook. I needed a break because I was tired of the never-ending bad news in my feed about the government, murdered children, beaten pets, and random fires and floods.  I was also tired of rolling my eyes at the vague booking, diary posts, and pictures of meals.  So, even though my break did not last a month, I did learn a few things from the experience.

  1. I’m nosy.  One of the reasons I spent so much time on Facebook is because I am nosy. I love looking up old boyfriends and high school acquaintances to see whatever happened to them.  Guess what?  When I was off of Facebook, I Googled them instead.  I love Google stalking.  I think I could probably be happy being a detective but my son reminded me that detectives do more than Google people.
  2. I get a lot of work done when I actually focus. So, when I was not Google stalking, I did get more work done by not having Facebook as a break option. Instead of taking a few minutes between tasks to make sure that one woman was still crazy or that other person was still overly dramatic, I simply moved on to the next task on my list.
  3. I still procrastinate my writing when I am not on Facebook. Sometimes, I think maybe I just don’t like writing as much as I thought I did. According to a therapist I used to see this is because I have a “fear of failure” so I “self-sabotage.”  I tell myself there is no point in writing because it is so hard to get published.  I tell myself I’m not that good at writing anyway. I would say that is accurate.
  4. I read so much more. Rather than scrolling through and seeing what everyone had for dinner, I opened a book, either hardcopy or e-book, and I actually read.  I read memoirs in the hopes that this would inspire me to actually work on my own memoir.  I’ve got stories to tell, but I keep muting myself. I guess we covered this in number three.
  5. I rolled my eyes a lot less. The only time I rolled my eyes during my Facebook break was when I watched the news.  Facebook and the news remind me of how mean and unempathetic people have become.
  6. I’m just a more tolerant person when I don’t know about someone’s political views. I enjoyed talking to people in real life without seeing what meme they just posted.
  7. I didn’t miss much. You could log on to Facebook every five minutes or once a week.  You will see the same things.  There are cat pictures (yay), memes from both sides of the political aisle, news stories about shootings, bombings, and children being left in cars, and a plethora of awkward selfies.

So, I’m officially back on Facebook, but I am limiting my time.  I have taken the app off of my phone and my iPad. I will only look at Facebook on the computer, and that will only be when I have completed my grading, discussion responses, and other tasks for the day.


What about you? Have you ever needed a social media break? How often are you on Facebook?

“At Least You’re Honest”

I’ve heard this a million times. Well, maybe not a million, but a lot.  It has been said to me whenever I say something unpopular, which is often, I guess.  I’ve been told that I “certainly don’t mince words” and several other clichéd ways of saying “please, just lie to me.”  I really don’t understand how honesty, something that used to be valued, became the least common denominator.  People would rather have some fictional version of reality than the truth, I guess. I have always found that annoying.  I just say what’s on my mind. I’m surprised that I am so straight forward as I learned very early in life to hold things in.

When I was two, we lived with my grandmother and step-grandfather for a bit.  When none of the other adults could watch me, my thirteen-year-old step-uncle babysat me.  He also forced me to perform fellatio on him.  After weeks of this, it finally dawned on me that this just wasn’t right.  He had told me not to tell anyone, but one day, when I was standing next to my grandmother in front of the refrigerator, I decided to say something.  I thought that my grandmother would certainly put an end to all this. In a way, she did because she ended any talking about it.  She got angry at me when I stumbled through my two-year-old version of what was happening. She didn’t wonder where I got the vocabulary to talk about a penis going into my mouth.  It was 1974. There was no internet and porn wasn’t widely accessible, at least not to toddlers.  Instead, she assumed I was just talking trash.  Grandmother told me, “We don’t talk like that!”

So, I didn’t.  We eventually moved out of my grandparents’ house and I never spoke of what happened, until it happened again.

I was quiet about it for five years until I was seven going on eight and decided to speak up again after a particularly terrifying night with my step-uncle. When I finally told on him, again, my big brother asked me why I was lying.  He was 17 at the time and should have beaten the shit out of someone who was raping his sister.  But no, like most people, he didn’t want to deal with the truth.  Since I did not receive any counseling or medical care after this episode, I assumed the rest of the family didn’t want to hear it either.  They simply couldn’t handle the truth. It was easier to just not talk about it. So, I didn’t.

The other day, I was unfriended on Facebook for being honest.  This person had posted something like, “If you are always saying ‘just being honest’ people hate you.” I commented that I really didn’t care if my honesty offended others.  The person told me that my friends probably didn’t like me, or something to that effect, and unfriended me.  When I noticed she unfriended me, I said “okeedokee” to myself and went along with my day.  This was a writer I had never met in real life, so it was no big loss.  Even if it was someone I did know in real life it would be no big loss because a “friend” who tells me to stifle myself is not a friend.

I am grateful that this particular former Facebook friend posted what she did and unfriended me.  She inspired me to take another look at how I have been communicating. I figured out that though it may seem like I have no filter, I have been holding a lot in, and that’s not good.  Holding everything in gives me stomachaches and headaches, and it gives me horrible writer’s block.  Every time I go to write something honest, I stop myself.  No more.  I intend to finally finish that memoir I have been procrastinating on. I’m going to be honest, and that may piss off some people, but I’m not sure I care.

Facebook Family Feud

Nice perm , dork!

Long ago, back in the days before high speed Wi-Fi or even dial up, there was a time when we hardly ever saw our extended families.  Maybe, we would see them once every few years for a holiday, or maybe for a wedding or funeral.  Other than that, the only time we communicated with them was via Christmas card or rare phone call.  I miss that time.

Now, we have Facebook to keep us connected with EVERYONE 24/7.  There are some good sides to Facebook.  It’s great for high school reunions and for forming neighborhood groups.  It’s also good for finding work related groups.  For writers, it is one of the best ways to interact with other writers and find new readers.  So, it does have its purposes.

On the other hand, it has some really bad points.  We just get too much information about friends and family.  I’m not talking about when they go to the gym or what they ate for lunch.  I’m talking about things like the fact that they support Donald Trump for president.  I could also do without knowing that a lot of people credit prayer for any successful surgery.  Why even go to the doctor if God is so good? It was SO MUCH better when I just didn’t know these things.

Most of the time I grit my teeth and move on, or get the heck off of Facebook and do something productive.  SOMETIMES, I speak my mind.  This usually ends up beginning a family feud, and not the fun game show kind.  I’m not alone in this. I have witnessed my share of other people’s feuds and they always fit into one of these categories.

Sibling “Love” – This is when siblings obviously don’t like each other, but attempt to post “just kidding” statuses.

“You always reminded me of a baby rhino.  Smiley face.”

“I always knew where my brother was by the trail of boogers on the wall.  Lol.”

Vote Cancellation – I’m one of three Democrats in my family, so I see this one a lot.

“I voted for Trump because my stupid, libtard sister prolly voted for that Jewish guy.  I’m not racist. I just want to make America great again, like Nazi Germany was.”

Outing the Awkward – Sometimes family members post “favorite” pictures of each other.  In this case, favorite means heinous.

“Here’s my favorite picture of my lovely sister.  Doesn’t she look great with headgear?”

Because Jesus – For some folks, faith is more important than being loving and supportive to family.

“I don’t approve of your gayness because I love the lord. I don’t hate you; I hate the sin. Prayers.”

Mom Says – I know parents say they don’t have favorites, but they usually do.  The favorite sibling usually KNOWS this, too.

“These bar pictures that you post all the time are the reason mom doesn’t invite you to dinner.  Mom said she wonders how you ever got married with those teeth. You should’ve worn your headgear more.”

Fugly Fortune – When parents or grandparents die, there is usually some kind of argument over the inheritance.

“Did you buy that new car with that money you stole from me?”

“Grandpa wanted ME to have his Joan Rivers egg collection.”

Pregnant Again – In a lot of families, there is always that one person who just won’t stop branching the family tree.

“We are throwing a baby shower for my sister and her latest baby daddy.  If you gave her a gift at the last four showers don’t bother buying anything.”

I know you all have seen these special arguments on Facebook. You may have even had these arguments.  How could you not when everyone’s thoughts and opinions are in your face all of the time.  I think this is why Zuckerberg chose to call it FACEbook.  Have you seen any that do not fit into one of the categories above? Let me hear from you in the comment section.

Social Media 101

Social media of some sort has been around for quite a while now so you would think that people would know how to use it.  But no.  No. Every day, or should I say every hour (I’m a Facebook Crackwhore), when I log on to Facebook, I see things that piss me off, and I’m not an irritable person.  OK. I’m definitely an irritable person, but still. How can we as a species not understand general netiquette in 2016?

Since this bugs the shit out of me, and since I am a Type-A control freak, and since I mixed Sudafed with my coffee today, I have decided to prepare a brief lesson on social media netiquette.  Get yourself a glass of wine, water, bourbon or tea and read these basic rules to remember when you are surfing the Net for selfies and cat videos.

Come on over to Knot So Subtle to read the rest.


Facebook is my crack.

Mark Zuckerberg was on to something when he sat in his tiny dorm room and created THE Facebook. He didn’t just create a site where people could keep up with friends and roll their eyes at acquaintances. He created a drug more addictive than crack. I should know because I am a Facebook Crackwhore. I’m one notification short from standing on a corner and offering services for a quicker Wi-Fi connection. Just like that scary scrawny woman standing on the corner, I need my fix multiple times a day.

Read more over on Knot So Subtle.

Facebook Buttons We Really Need

Off your meds-A while back, there was talk of Facebook developing a “dislike” button. I really don’t think we need a button like that. It’s not because I’m Suzy Sunshine and I think the world has enough dislike or anything unicorn and glittery like that. I just think that a dislike button is not specific enough. We need Facebook buttons for a variety of posts that make us want to hate everyone and delete the Facebook app. I thought of four just sitting here drinking my basic white girl pumpkin latte.

OH THE DRAMA! — This button could be used when one of your “friends” posts yet another long tirade about how the world is against him or her. These people always have some kind of trashy reality show level happenings in their lives. They always SAY they hate drama, but continue to wave their crazy flag as if a big puppet master forced them to spaz out.

NOT BULLIED – Some people are bullied, and that sucks. If someone uses mental or physical intimidation to make someone’s life a living hell, they are a bully. We can all agree on that. In social media, the term bully is overused. So, if someone spray paints “fat bitch” on your garage, you have been bullied. If someone declines your invitation to dinner, you have NOT been bullied. You have been rejected. Shit happens. Get over it.

OFF YOUR MEDS? — This one is for when your “friend”  “likes” pages that he or she used to hate, or all of the sudden invites you to a number of Jamberry or Mary Kay virtual parties. A similar version called “Get on Some Meds” could also be used for our friends in the Drama and Not Bullied groups.

NOPE — This one is for when people post videos of hang gliding, zip lining, eating raw octopus, or holding huge snakes. Nope. Nope. Nope. And Nope.

Since I only had one shot of espresso in my coffee that is all I could think of. I figured there had to be more necessary Facebook buttons, so I asked some Facebook friends to share their ideas. Here is what they had to say:


“Rolled my eyes so hard gave myself a migraine.”

“Unbunch your knickers.”

Alex F.


“You’re an idiot.”
“Please don’t reproduce.”

Julie M.


“Do you think I give a rat’s ass?”

Jackie C.



“How’s that working for you?”

Eric B.


“Check your Privilege.” (For clueless folks complaining about minimum wage workers and not CEO salaries)

Cristal K.


“Are you for real?”

Suzanne R.


“Stop trying to sell me shit!”
“Stop tagging me in passive-aggressive ‘thanks for being my friend’ posts designed to praise me and punish others and vice-versa.”
“Why would you post this racist bullshit after shouting ‘amen’ when my husband preached on Sunday about fighting racism with our Middle-Eastern Jewish friend Jesus?”

Molly S.


“You’re not a victim.”

Amy M.


“I was there; it wasn’t that good.”

“We get it. Your husband adores you.”

“That isn’t what you said about her the last time you talked trash.”

“I secretly hate you, but it would make for a socially awkward relationship if I don’t hit the like button.”

“Congratulations On That Ugly Kid!”

Jamie C.


My friends and I have thought of a lot of Facebook buttons, but I bet there are more. Grab your coffee, or whisky, or whatever helps you think, and post your most needed Facebook button in the comment section.

Facebook Zombies and Twitter Whores

It’s OK, you guys. I’m not zombie or slut shaming. I can use these derogatory terms because I fit in both groups. I can also use the words chubby, short, and bitch for the same reason, but that is fodder for another day. Let’s just stick with zombies and whores for now.

How many of you are also zombie whores? How many of you are flipping through Facebook, either on your phone or on your computer, maybe at work, looking for that person you hated in high school to see if she’s fatter than you? It can’t be just me. Or maybe I AM your hated fat person.  Like a lot of us, you are probably wasting HOURS every week getting in touch with people you never really cared about in the first place, when you could be doing something you’ve always wanted to do. Social media is an all-consuming time clustersuck. How many times have you stepped away for an hour and returned to 20 notifications. Notifications that someone’s Republican aunt also posted a comment on their Obama meme. Is this life shattering information?

Most of us non-Amish folks are all over social media, posting tidbits about our lives, funny memes, and cat pictures regularly. We like to feel like we are a part of the Internet world. We comment on news stories, or share them to alert our other friends who get their news from the Zuckerberg News Network. When a TV show posts a hash tag phrase, we all jump on it like trained flea-bitten circus dogs. This is not intelligence; this is not the information age. This is the zombie age.

It’s such a problem that there is actually such a thing as Internet addiction. Like, it’s Dr. Drew legit, you guys. There is actually software to monitor your social media usage. This is how bad it has gotten. There’s an app to track app usage. It’s like a 12 step program for geeks and hermits.

Before you get your panties in a bunch and turn on your troll light, actually read what I’ve written. I’m not judging you. I’m judging us, all of us, who waste our time every day on social media. It’s not social anymore. Well, I guess to quote John from the Breakfast Club, it’s demented and sad, but social.

Case in point: me. I am currently writing two novels. By writing two novels, I mean that I’m not writing them, like ever. Instead, I’m just flipping through Facebook looking for that psychotic ex boyfriend to see if he’s bald yet.

I set out to be a novelist, a paperback writer as the Beatles sang. I had it all planned:

  • Write a book.
  • Get an amazing publishing contract.
  • Have the book be hugely popular.
  • Have it made into a movie.
  • Have John Cusack star in the movie.
  • Walk the red carpet with my family and cry tears of joy at the premiere.

Simple, huh?

Instead, I allowed myself to become a third rate blogger and all around social media whore. No offense to the first and second rate bloggers out there. In order to be a writer in this here information age, you have to build a following online. So, whether you want to or not, you have to blog, and get oodles of Facebook likers, and Twitter followers. I’m told I should be building my Pinterest boards like mad, but to be honest, I hate Pinterest with a white hot passion.

I like blog writing; it’s short, sweet, and often fun to do. I just hate the sales pitch song and dance you have to do to be a successful blogger. I am NOT a salesperson. Way back in the day – Miami 1990 – I worked at Macy’s. I was always “in arrears,” meaning I sold so little that I didn’t even earn my hourly rate in commission. A woman once asked me if a dress she was trying on made her look fat. I said yes. NOT A SALESPERSON.

In addition to being a salesperson, being a blogger is like being a fat third-grader trying to get picked for the kickball team. “PICK ME!! Oh read me! READ me! Pick me! Publish me! Love me! Put me on the Today Show!” Blah, blah, blah. I get tired of my own inner fat third grader, never mind everyone else’s. I am looking at you, selfie every day.

While it is cool to have your stuff on the interwebs, the cha ching value is usually low, like zero. In other words, most bloggers, like a lot of creative folks, make diddly squat for their efforts. Every writer’s dream is to be paid to write. So, the blogging world has become crowded, competitive, and common. It seems like EVERYONE is a blogger. When something becomes crowded, competitive and common, I lose interest.

I’m not saying that I’m definitely going to be the next great writer, or actually have a movie made of my book, or that John Cusack even knows who I am, or would sign on for my movie. I’m saying that I have to at least focus more on the writing I love doing, and try to make my dreams come true. So, I can’t sit around all day trying to think of 140-character nonsense. And you shouldn’t either. What are your dreams? Have you achieved them, or have you just found all of your elementary school friends and their siblings? Let’s take a big step away from the internet, and take our brains back.

Cat on computer
Even my cat is online!



Ten Tiresome Facebook Friends

Andre and his Hitler mustache
Andre and his Hitler mustache

Note: This post is also on The Huffington Post.

Recently, I announced that I am going to stop filtering myself. Yes, readers, I HAVE been holding back. I know this is frightening. It frightens me, too, but I do need to be more honest in my writing. I’ve already been pretty honest when speaking. I have seen people’s faces twitch when I say something brutally honest. It gives me that warm Christmas feeling. So, in the spirit of communicating like Sophia on the Golden Girls, here are some Facebook friend clichés, along with sample statuses, found in EVERYONE’S friend list.

Concrete Charisma — nothing but eight pack ab gym selfies all the time. They also post “facts” about how carbs are evil and everyone should eat an entire cow every day. He or she always has a recipe for brownies made out of organic cat shit and black beans, or some such nonsense.

“Just ate a quarter of a teaspoon of mashed potatoes. I need to do a complete colon cleanse and double my gym time.”

Sportsy McSports Sports — Every damn day there’s another post about “the game” or “that player who got traded” or “tickets to the game.”

“Somebody smack the ref. WE had the ball on the 29th down. Beer!”   We? I don’t remember you getting off the couch, suiting up, and playing, Mr. Sportsmeister.

Lookin’ for Love in all the Wrong Places — You know this person; you may be related to him or her. You very well may BE this person. There are telltale signs like numerous baby daddies/mamas, a lot of hangovers, and a few court dates. These people are always in love — for real this time.

After years of procreating with psychos, I have finally found the one. He has 13 kids with 19 women, no teeth, and he’s unemployed. Cupid has hit me hard with this magical arrow.”

Because Jesus – We all have that religious friend who is always asking for “prayer warriors,” or posting the “Share if you are not afraid to say you believe in God” memes. I’m not afraid; I just don’t believe. And what the heck do prayer warriors look like anyway? Do they wear suits made out of gold plated Bible pages? Is there glittering war paint involved?

“Praise Jesus for these wonderful tater tots. Truly blessed.”                                                       Yeah, about 40 people are going to unfriend me for that one.

Speak and Spell – This person needs one, and a first grade grammar primer. STAT! For the love of Dick and Jane, have they stopped teaching basic punctuation and spelling here in ‘Murica?

“ru going to county fare if so cn u give rid”   WTF does that even mean?

Crazy Cat Lady—She is just one cat picture short of having whiskers tattooed on her face. You know the woman sits on her couch day and night, stroking cats and talking to herself.

“Andre has a Hitler mustache but he is still mama’s baby.”   [Raises hand and hides face in shame.]

The Baconator – All this person posts about is — wait for it — bacon. That is all. He (it’s always a he) probably eats ice cream out of a bacon bowl, with bacon bits on top.

“Here’s my recipe for salad. Bacon, bacon, and bacon. Lol”

Mr. President – This person blames the President for everything from gas prices to erectile dysfunction. “Mr. President” should just run for president since he has the same know-it-all attitude of your average 16 year-old mall rat.

“I just stubbed my toe and spilled my Mountain Dew on my unemployment check. Thanks, Obama.”

Monsanto Warrior – You swear this person probably never eats because EVERY food is toxic. He or she probably pulls around an IV pole to avoid any GMOs or pesticides, ignoring the possibility of toxins from the plastic IV bag.

“DO NOT eat carrots. Monsanto has created carrots that will make you grow goat ears and squeal like a pig.”

Manic Mom – This mom has her kids in at least 27 STRANGE activities, and that is just on Tuesdays.

“I’m painting my nails and sipping a quad espresso, skinny, vanilla latte while the kids are at their trapeze artistry with watercolors lesson. Today, they’re hanging upside down and re-creating a Monet.”

Well, I’m off to check my friends list. I’m sure at least 9 people have defriended me already. The others haven’t figured out how to defriend on the Facebook phone app. What other types of Facebook friends do you have? I know I missed some. Let me hear from you in the comments section.

Yes, bacon bowls are real.
Yes, bacon bowls are real.

Facebook Makes Tea Kettles Whistle


It may be time to put me in a home.  It is good that I prepared my son for this.  He has been instructed that it needs to be a nursing home with cats.  I cannot live without cats.  Even if I don’t know my family, my own name, or that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are the only milk chocolate candy remotely worth the calories (dark chocolate is SO much better), I will still know that cats are cozy little fluff balls of love.  I’m only 42, um 28, but clearly my concentration skills are going.  If I were a school-aged child, I would be on some medication with a high street value.

Friends, readers, scoffers, I am pretty sure that I have chronic Internet Induced ADHD.  I’m also pretty sure that I just made that up.  I wasn’t like this before I left the brick and mortar classroom and started working online, ten years ago. In fact, I was still super focused and organized when I first began working via the interwebs.  It all started to go downhill when social media became popular.  Then, I could get my work done and find out which of my high school friends had a good day, a baby, or the flu at the same time.  I could find out who was at the gym and who went to a bar.  Sometimes, people did both.  This is stuff I NEEDED to know.

Then, I figured out how to have multiple tabs open in my browser.  I’m not sure when this became possible.  I remember a simpler time, when Punky Brewster was still on the air and kids ate Care Bear cereal, when you could only view one web page at a time.  How deprived were we?  Now, I can have my work email, work calendar, personal email, blog email, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and the Today Show tabs open at the SAME TIME.  So, if I’m waiting for a page to load, or just taking a water cooler break, I can bounce through all of those tabs like Tigger.

This can get dangerous.  The other afternoon at about two, my natural “I would so take a nap if I didn’t have a full-time job” time of day, I decided some strong, black tea was in order.  So, I filled the kettle and put it on the burner.  I waited for the water to boil for about a minute and got bored.  Since my computer was on the coffee table in the living room, right next to the kitchen, I went to check email.  I figured it would only take a minute.

Sophie needs attention.
Sophie needs attention.

Well, while I was squatting next to the table, with one hand petting Sophie the Dane/Lab to keep her from laying her big head on the keyboard and the other moving the cursor down my email list, Facebook dinged at me.  Judging by the 2 on the Facebook tab, I knew I had 2 notifications.  Look at me doing math! So, I clicked on the Facebook tab, and I’m glad I did.  I learned that D is still a die-hard Republican and N likes a Most Interesting Man in the World meme.  I clicked on the meme so I could see the entire thing because you can never see the punch line in your news feed.  Then, out of nowhere, a screeching sound came from the kitchen.

I jumped up from my spot near the table and said, “The hell?”  I said this out loud, to Sophie, Lola, and the cats.  I talk to animals.  I really do need to be put in a home.  Plus, I had NO CLUE what that sound was.  Then, it hit me.  I was making tea! Crap! I totally forgot about that.   And that is why kettles whistle.

Facebook– It’s all good, sort of.

A Public Hermit
A Public Hermit

As an introvert who works from home, I use Facebook as my “water cooler.”  Those of you who have never worked in an office, or watched one on TV, this does not mean that I attempt to drink from Facebook, though I am sure that function is coming. There will be a water app some day; I just know it.

The good side of Facebook is that I have gotten to know a lot of people that I did not take the time to hang around with in high school. This is because I spent much of high school trying to be Molly Ringwald’s Claire character from the Breakfast Club.  In reality, I was but a lowly Andie Walsh. In my quest to be Claire, I spent a lot of time trying to hang out with the “right” people rather than the people that I truly had a lot in common with.  I missed out on developing a lot of great friendships, though I did have some good friends.  So, now, on Facebook, I have gotten to know all of these great people.  I feel lucky to have found them again after all of these years.

Another good thing about Facebook is that I get to know my work friends through their pictures and status updates.  This is where that whole water cooler thing comes in. Since I work online, I don’t often see my co-workers in person.  There are meetings here and there, but they only last a day or two, and they don’t occur regularly.  Of course, this can also be a good thing because I never have enough time to become annoyed by my co-workers.  There are those special people who can be annoying via email, but I don’t know anyone like that.  I swear that I am telling the truth.

The one bad side of Facebook, other than having to block creepy people who message you out of no where to ask to be special friends with you, is that you may get to know people too well.  For example, I’ve learned that most of my extended family is on the other side of the religious and political spectrum.  I just have very little in common with them, and I’m not going to lie, I roll my eyes at their posts.  Before Facebook, I would see them maybe once every 15 or 30 years.  I would wish we were closer, and think of all the fun times we could spend together as a family.  Now, after “seeing” them daily on Facebook, I get why my mom ran screaming from the Midwest and moved to Florida.  Mom, you could not have done me a bigger favor.  I’m sorry about moving back, but at least I ended up in a better town.  I mean aside from the snow.

I’ve learned from working online that most people will say things to you through a computer screen that they would never say to your face.  I’m not like this as I tend to have no filter both in person and online.  Think  Sheldon Cooper without the tall, slender frame and fancy science degrees.  Maybe I should just BE Sheldon Cooper online.  Who would know the difference?